Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Gotta Go

Well - although I typed the itinerary as flying INTO Guangzhou/Beijing on Friday....I sorta neglected to type that we leave from the U.S. TODAY. OMG.

Marlene is here to take us with all our STUFF.

I'm posting a few last minute pics.

1. the devotional book I'll use with the girls

2. the luggage pile

3. all the paperwork I'm leaving behind (yes...on the washing machine)

4. the condensed and MOST impt. paperwork that MUST arrive with me in China - in separate page protectors in a plastic folding file - tucked neatly in the purse that straps around my body.

 Saying for updates! Can't wait for everyone to meet Miss Molly.

Vicki and Emily and Krew

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