Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Got an Update From Inner Mongolia - Info and Pics on Molly

Hey All.
Short and sweet on the update - pictures below. (no time)

She's about 81 lbs.
So is Emily.

She's about 4'9" tall.
Emily is 4'8 1/2 " tall.

Clothes sharing!!!!!!!!!!

Molly likes watermelon and oranges.
Watermelon is Em's FAVE fruit, and she took a Navel Orange to school today for her snack.
Miss Molly likes noodles and dumplings - not a fan of vegetables (that'll be revised!) and not a fan of sweets. (Hmmmm.....)

I'm taking ALL recommendation for car sickness. The SWI has said several times that Molly does NOT do well in cars. I've heard about a "band" to go on the wrist. Opinions? Other options, too?

Molly likes BARBIES.
Oh my. Barbie Mania Begins.

Gotta run.
Just printed off a boatload of documents, and now I actually have to go and do something WITH them.

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