Thursday, March 28, 2013

Farewell People's Republic of China

Well, today is our last day in China. 

When we went to bed last night, it was Molly's last night to sleep in her homeland.

At least for a while.

I feel sure we'll all return again one day - not in the near, near future - but one day.

Marlene sent me an email and asked if it seemed we'd been gone that long.

In some ways, yes. In others, no.

This has been a fairly easy trip overall for us - mainly because of Molly's resiliency to adjustments at hand.

I'm not so sure if I woke up in a strange room, in a strange city, with a strange woman that I'd be this adaptable.

Not at 11 years of age.

Many grown-ups on this journey are ready to return home - to family, familiarity, and home sweet home.

Yes. One can grow weary of the same foods, same smells, same sounds, but this is the type of trip you need to, if possible, savor.

I got a call last night while I was in the bathtub. Emily answered it, and it was my guide, Kelly. I yelled, "Tell her I'm in the tub."

Hmmmmm. That answer did not seem to be the one needed, so I stepped out of the tub and used the phone in the bathroom.

Strange. I know.

Kelly said, "I got a call from the U.S. Consulate this afternoon about 4:30…"

I gulped.

"….and they forgot to get you to sign the DS230 form."

My reply, "….AND…..?!"

"You must return to the Consulate in the morning and sign that document."

My stomach kinda swooned a moment.

Maybe cuz I was standing' nekkid as a jay bird in the bathroom talkin' on a telephone. I dunno.

Long story short, NO one else had to return.

Just fortunate me.

I asked if this would hold me up at all, and Kelly assured me it'd be rectified quickly. I have to fly out a mere several hours after signing that form.

All must go well….like clockwork.

Another guide, Michael, was to meet me this morning in the lobby at 9:30. He did.

And off we went in one of the 40 million taxis in China.

In their morning rush hour.

On wet roads.

I truly claimed angelic protection. Psalm 91.

All went well. There were boatloads of people at the Consulate, but none were going to the Adoption Unit - where I was headed. 

The building was full of Chinese folks aiming to get Visas to come into the U.S.

We're back at the hotel and have taken a group photo of the travel group. Precious people who have come to mean soooo much over the past 2 weeks.

But it's time to come home. 

Time to return to our lives and families - our own beds and routines, friends, schedules. People and events that I appreciate so very much.

Molly will now embark on her new life as a member of our family - loved and cared for by all.

Emily has become a little sister - still the sweet little girl that she is.

And our futures are bright with the light of the knowledge that the Lord prepared these paths, and we'll continue to walk them daily.

So with a small sigh of relief and holding back tears…we all say a hearty "Goodbye" from China - the land that has graciously given me these two daughters to love.

I am blessed.

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