Wednesday, March 27, 2013

57 Packets of Travel Kleenex

…and I had to borrow tissue to "use the facilities."

Oh my.

All the little Kleenex doo dads were packed away neatly in my luggage BACK at the hotel.

Arranged in neat and darling plastic bags but of no value if I didn't have them when I needed them.

Been livin' life out of Ziploc baggies, and it's really helped me stay organized.

IF one does use a squatty potty, then there is no reason to assume tissue will be provided.

Speaking of which -

We went to a Buddhist temple. It was on the tour, and our guide was wanting us to see this historic site. It was older than the town we were in. Seems the temple was built in the 1500's. There was LOTS of incense burning going on. 

Food offered to the….idols. Our guide said that was a common gift to the higher-uppers.

I asked the guide, "Well…if all this food is being offered, why is none of it eaten?"

She said, "Workers come behind and pick it all up."


I was very respectful during the tour. I really liked our guide. She was my translator, mediator, etc., and I wanted to be sensitive to her religion. We got along very well.

As she was showing me a diagram about the many layers of hell and the area of heaven, she emphasized how bad people go to one of the regions of hell while good people went to heaven. The happy place.

In all honesty, I listened intently, then asked her, "What if you're good AND bad. What if you are a good employee and kind to those with whom you work but go home and are mean and horrible to your family?"

She thought about the answer.

I cannot really remember what she said….but she thought a while.

She continued telling about the good and bad, the layers and beliefs, then I VERY respectfully asked, "Who defines good?"

There was a reply - after much thinking again.

We're wrapping up the explanation of that area of the tour, she's still talking about being good and being bad, and my last question was, "Do you EVER feel good enough?"

Her response, "No."

She knew some of the monks at the temple because she goes there and works as a volunteer sometimes. She took us around back and got us….what we thought were to be souvenirs….but turned out to be candles to place on an altar for prayer. Uh hum.

I smiled as I asked her and the monks, "May we light the candles and pray to OUR God?"

She laughed and laughed. We'd gotten to know each other pretty well over the last week.

ANYHOO…we all lit our candles…..KK, Kourtney, Emily, me, and Molly….and agreed in advance that we'd place them solemnly in the right spot and pray for the Lord to show Himself BIG to these people….to meet them in spectacular ways - agreeing together for this precious people who need Him here in China…in the Name of Jesus. Amen."

When we were finished, I asked KK, "What did you pray?"

She said, "I prayed I'd get the heck outta Dodge!"

We soon left. 

I DID ask our guide to ask Molly if she'd ever been to a temple like this. Molly said she had not.

The guide also noted that MOST people in China are of no religion. I'm not sure about the stats, but I've only seen one Christian Church - and it's on Shamian Island.

It was a real experience!

Outside U.S. Consulate

Deja Vu Em - At this Exact Spot in 2008

....with Samm and his family. Emily lost a little butterfly off her shoe while playing with Christie H.'s little girl. Colleen's family and Christy T. All walked this path with us! Ah. Memories!!!

Lid Came Off the Toilet

Roh Roh!

SUCH a Nutritious Meal

Provided by 7-11 next to our hotel

This One's for You, Skipper

NASCAR from China

View from Our GZ Hotel Room

Babysitters in the Making

Tis the Season - I Reckon

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Jerry and Christy said...

I don't think you can read this while in China, but I remember the missing butterfly. It's hard to believe it will be 5 years ago this September.
I love watching your adoption trip.