Friday, February 1, 2013

Thinking of Sweet Samm

This is our precious friend, Samm, in a photo from 2008. He and Emily are exploring the super cool sites in Guangzhou - a mere few days after being joined with their Forever Families. Samm just sorta went compliantly to his new mom and dad, Sherrie and Dick.

Emily, on the other hand, screamed and cried to the point that she woke the dead and had e-v-e-r-y head and set of eyeballs in this foreign county GLARING at me with utmost curiosity. Had I not had an entourage with Chinese citizens mixed in the bunch, who knows what folks might've done to me.
At the very least I feel sure someone would have tried to rescue her from my grip as I carried her.

My sunglasses couldn't have been dark enough to hide behind.

Emily and I have talked of that day and the ones that followed - with repeats of Day 1.
I told her that she did nothing wrong. I totally understood and did not take ANY of it personally. (It wasn't fun, but it was to be expected by many kiddos who were undergoing this type of trauma. Yes. Trauma.)

She told me once, a year or so ago -- in her broken English...that she was still speaking at that time -- when she referenced w-h-y she cried so hard and long......her comment was,
"I think I not know you - not know who you are."

As that old 1950's song goes, "...You would cry, too, if it happened to you."
It was a not "bad" - in our situation - for her to cry and scream.
She had loved, been loved, and was being removed from that security.
I was the reason for all her present grief - thus the tears.
But as the ole adage goes, we "lived happily ever after!"

Sweet little Samm.
Ah. He was another story.
He was also younger, but still his world was changing right before his eyes.
Such a sweetheart and a comfort to Emily while in China.
As his parents were for me.

Samm has undergone surgery. He's been a trooper - but now it's time for recovery and healing.
We covet your prayers as Mr. Samm continues to heal and progress.
We love ya, Samm!!

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