Thursday, February 14, 2013

That Would Be TWO Beds in the Room

Thank you, Target, for continuing to carry a form of bed comforter that actually MATCHES what Emily had all along in her bedroom (soon-to-be THEIR bedroom). See the cutesy flowers on the bed, curtains, lamp? We already had those accessories from 2008 when Emily came home.
Yep. It was as easy transition to make room for Miss Molly.
A darling couple from church gave us an antique bed that was dawg gone similar to the one Emily is sleeping in -- MY childhood bed.
Well, the new bed for Molly WAS Gwen's bed, and she and hubbie, Don, gave it to us.
Soooo sweet.
Target just happened to have another version of bed comforters that matched up exactly with what we had.
I said, "I'll take two of those little gingham, polka dot, happy-go-lucky comforters!!"
That and lots of cleaning out, making room for, expanding to the closet in the guest room.

I have been on organizational over-drive for the past several months.
Weird stuff - like cleaning the microwave on Christmas morning?!
Why THAT morning?
Why not another morning?
When I'm not so busy....?

I've somewhat acted with the 'now or never' mentality - and aimed to just git er done.
A lot has been accomplished.
It's been good.
I guess it's a form of nesting - preparing, getting ready.

Then again - are you EVAH truly ready?
In the World According to Vicki - we give it our best shot.
Case closed.

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