Friday, February 1, 2013

Map of Where I'm Headed

My Article 5 has arrived.
Whoo Hoo.
What next?
I'm good at waiting.
Wait to hear about Consulate Appointment date...then back up for travel preparations.

As of now, I'm to fly into Beijing.
Have you heard of the smog alert in that area?
Smog Level 300 is bad. Really bad.
Smog Level 500 is - know
It was at a mere 755 this week.
Not sure how I feel about huffin' and puffin' up the Great Wall in those conditions.

...and I'm not so sure a standard face mask is what will be required to combat the gunk.

I emailed my agency to ask them if there will be a Plan B, C, and/or D in place if these "pre-apocolyptic" (Yes - that's how it's been described. I'm not being a drama queen.) conditions persist.

They said they'd get back with me.

If you look west of Beijing, above Baotou, you'll see Hohhot. That's where I'll meet Molly.
She lives in Xilinhot.
It's on this map - next to Changchun.
That would be Russia on the other side of the green wavy line.
Yes ma'am.

My 3rd stop within the country, Guangzhou, is not shown above.
Geography 101.

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