Thursday, February 7, 2013

Em and Daisey

This little puppy belongs to a big time Supreme Court Judge...for this area.
What...? Maybe a Circuit Court of Appeals-guy? Not sure.
Our families go waaaaay back in our church history - playing together, singing together in choirs, brothers being Boy Scouts together.

I do know that he and his sweet wife would haul WONDERFUL garage sale items to my house, several times - late at night  - after long days of working, and deliver their goods so they could be sold and used to raise money for Emily's & Molly's plane tickets. (Thanks again to all who helped with that Garage Sale!!)

Judge and Wifey were not actin' Mr. & Mrs. Big Shot.
They were humbly and willingly contributing to the cause of this adoption, and we are soooo appreciative for the love-in-action they have displayed toward our family.

As Emily is playing with their NEW puppy (at Marlene and Donna's house - petsitting), I'm telling Em, "Don't squeeze the wee one too tight. Don't want cha to hurt her. I ain't in the mood for any litigating with the judge."
(...even tho it's the attorneys who litigate - I know. I used to watch LA Law.)

We had a blast running Miss Daisey all around so she'd sleep well that night.
Too much fun!

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