Monday, January 28, 2013

Where The Agency Wants Us to Stay While In Guangzhou

In an international adoption, adoption agencies like to have clients stay at certain hotels for security-type reasons. Usually the hotel is not far from the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, but many adoptive families have stayed on Shamian Island in years past. Not me. I was booked a mere few blocks from the Consulate. The agencies have contracts with various hotels/chains so that their clients will always have a place to stay when they arrive in town for Consulate appointment, medical exams, and other necessary appointments - regardless of last minute reservations (which are the norm). These hotels are accustomed to providing baby beds, dealing with new parents who have guides & translators in proximity, yadda, yadda. 
(We're sorta Holiday Inn Express kinda people! For real.)
Once the Consulate sets an appointment date for an adoptive family, it's time to get ready and go. That's why airline tickets cannot be bought way in advance. Nope.
Pretty much last minute based on the date/time of Consulate meeting. 
I got word today that my DS230 has arrived in Guangzhou, and the CCCWA - governing officials - will soon issue my Article 5...
BUT everything will be closed at the beginning of Feb. for Chinese New Year.
SOOOOOOO....late Feb. to early March.
That's what the travel staff at my agency is saying for travel times.
We'll see.
Em says this hotel looks "fancy".
That's an understatement.
Again...we have to stay in certain hotels in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Hohhot.
I will be hopping around this continent for sure.
Just show us the breakfast buffet!!

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