Monday, January 28, 2013

I Had 5 Darling Girls at My House a Few Saturdays Ago

Three of the little angels belong to one family. Their mom and dad actually got to go on an official date to see Les Mis and eat sushi. Small thing to do for folks like this who have done SOOO much for me. Same with sweet Anna. Her mom has kept, fed, and tended to Miss Emily sooo many times. I don't think you are "friends" with folks b/c of what they can/cannot DO for you. I have so many wonderful people in my life who are helpful!! I am blessed. It just turned out that this one Saturday was a good one for me to take on all 5 darlings and have a huge playdate. I had a great time -- and even got a short nap in. I know you wonder h-o-w I managed that. It was short...but it was a good one. We did crafts from recylable items, they played Barbie, watched one video, chatted, ate, and basically had a fun day with friends.
Glad we got to do it.

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