Friday, January 11, 2013

Hmpf. Can't Post Pictures - No Idea Why.

I was going to put some recent ones up of Miss Em, but I reckon I'll have to wait until another day in the near future. I'm already hoping someone will help me change the title of this blog to (as Emily has voted):
Bringing Emily and Molly Home

Who knows?
I've commissioned Kristen - KK's darling older daughter -  to manage the blog while I'm in China. Seems the ole PRC (People's Republic of China) has blocked a few things, and blogs are one of them. There are ways around it, but being I'm not a do-er of those things...this is the best solution I can think of.

I am using waaaay too many parentheses. I shall stop.

I'll simply email the blog post and pictures, and Miss Kristen will copy/paste them into the blog.

I remember when I'd blog hop a few years ago while waiting for Emily. When folks would post about their trips to China....I just wanted to SEE PICTURES first.
Then I'd read.
It does take both.

With Molly's adoption, it's already NOT going to be Jan. when I travel.
It could be Feb. - mid to end. That Chinese New Year will definitely put a kink in schedules....but that's okay.
I sent my LSC packet to the adoption agency - Fed Ex'd overnight.
Cha ching.

I'm betting it left there today for China. Let's see if I can remember what all was in that packet:
-Letter of Intent (written and sent in Jan., 2012....but necessary once again)
-Original Contract
-Passport size photo of Molly (made by Forrest and his charming wife Robin -- THANKS tons)
-I-797/I-800A U.S. gov't document
-I-797/I-800 (yes - a different document than the one on the line above....alphabet soup for all documents....letters galore)
-original referral in Chinese with English translations - signed, completed
-copies of referral information - on Molly - from China
-DS230 filing fee
-copies of medical information pertaining to Molly
-Parent Information
-Travel Information with passport numbers for Emily, KK, Kourtney, me, expiration dates, dates of birth
-translation fee
-future homestudy update fees: one of those numbers that has a comma in it - LOL!
-and likely a few other things that slip my mind at the moment

Once the LSC packet reaches China, the folks there get together to issue - to me - a document called an Article 5.
The US Consulate in Guangzhou and the CCCWA - official gov't agency over adoptions - chit chat, and then travel plans get in the making.

Is my suitcase BIG enough?

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