Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update on Miss Molly....

Well, checked the ole email last night before going to bed...and badda bing, badda boom.
Updated info and pics.

I'll post these for now. The information noted that Molly likes to "sing and play the piano".
Who da thought?
Seems those are real piano lesson-type books in front of her and atop the piano, so....who knows.
We shall see.
This might mean she merely plays around on it for fun....or....?
As I said, we shall see.

She does know she is being adopted, and the current replies are that she is excited to meet "mommy and sister". Again, sometimes SWI officials tend to prompt kids to say certain things....but...this is what is being told to me, and it's amazing. Actually I transferred most of the Chinese document into Google Translate and read it for myself, but I am having it officially translated by a service. The workers, in their writing, seem VERY personable and genuine in how they phrased answers to questions. They ended their writing with the comment that they'd have Molly write a letter to her new family.

Up until about Nov. 25th, she had no idea I was coming.
Well, I don't think she did. The gov't officials might have conveyed info to the SWI.
Possibly she did, but the day Blessed Kids personally contacted the Social Welfare Institute, we KNOW she was in the loop then.

It's still almost surreal. Hard to imagine the reality of it all, but then again...I reckon you just have to experience the miracle of the moment before you can truly wrap your mind around the 'real-ness'.

Information states she's more on the timid side in personality and a tad introverted. This description lines up with what info I already had on her.
That's fine.

Speaking of 'timid' --- Emily was talking about acting or being in plays and said that if she did -- her comment - about her own self was -
"I'd have to come out of my shell."

Emily is not really a SHY girl in a shell...but she's more quiet than rambunctious SOME of the time.
NOT all the time....by any means. Just ask Nanny Carol, Skipper, and Michael.
Ask Ann H. She says Emily is "engaging". She's just the sweet kind of person to say such a thing.

So - the sisters will have a lot in common personality-wise.

Gotta run for now, but I did want to put this up for a few folks who have been asking.
Still no news on travel. I've gotta hunch it'll be mid-January and before Chinese New Year.
Mercy me. The entire CONTINENT shuts down for about 2 weeks for Chinese New Year.

Enjoy the pics of sweet Molly.


Anne said...

She looks delightful! Can hardly wait to meet her!

Janet said...

Molly is absolutely beautiful! SO HAPPY for you and Emily. Let me know if we can help.

Vicki said...

Debbie wrote:
YAY!!! Another bell ringer!!! :)) I love this Vicki & am so in awe of you !! You are amazing and God is so good!!! I'm praying girl!!! Keep me posted!!
Merry Christmas!
Love ya!

Wonderful news for Emily, Molly and you! Please keep me posted. I rejoice with you.

Love and prayers,

Vicki said...

Absolutely the best news I've had today! Thanks for sharing the blog again. I think I lost it the last time my computer crashed so your message is two gifts in one!

It looks like Molly will eventually need to go the Museum of Art summer camp art classes. I'll see if I can still make sure you get the info.

I'll be checking the blog so please keep it as updated as possible.

And by the way, I didn't think Emily was timid at all. She was engaging to me, and didn't seem to mind talking with two "older" girls at all!

I have no doubt you are as blessed as your girls. It is more evidence to me that there is a greater plan than we can ever know. I've been grateful for you almost the whole lives of my children, and now for your children, too.

Happy holidays to you and yours and much, much love.

Vicki said...

Sherrie wrote:
Vicki and Emily,

Wow, she is just beautiful and looks so full of joy. I'm sure you can hardly imagine waiting another 4-6 weeks to meet her. We are praying for ALL of you. For an easy transition and for bonding to happen easily. Maybe this is just me being extra hopeful, but I think it could be an easier adjustment for her. I think Emily may be the key to make that transition easier for her. Maybe had Emily had another little person to play with and have as a role model it may have not been so darn scary for her. Well, you know how much we love you both and Nana Carol too. We miss you and will be following your blog, and we promise to come your way for a visit when you have had some time to adjust and settle into your new life. We can hardly wait to meet Molly and wrap our arms around you, Emily, and Nana Carol again soon.

Sherrie, Dick and Samm

Vicki said...

Lisa wrote:
My goodness but you are AMAZING! How exciting your life is! You are all blessed beyond measure! I am so happy for you!


Vicki said...

Melzana wrote:
Thanks for sharing. I know Christmas will mean so much more knowing that hopefully in a few weeks after that you will be headed to get the newest family member.

Take care.
Hugs to Emily.

Vicki said...

Terri wrote:
She's beautiful! How exciting for you and Emily. I will be praying all goes according to plan and no delays. Thanks for keeping me posted. Merry Christmas to all of you and I know it is going to be a very happy New Year.


Vicki said...

Kim wrote:
Hey Girl! I’ve had you on my mind. Glad things are working out and you are going to be a mom again soon! I haven’t kept up with your blog but I just scanned through it backwards. You are making a ton of wonderful memories with Emily! She has adjusted so well and seems so happy! You are a great Mom!!!! I miss you of course! I hope to see you around Christmas.

Lots of love –
Merry Christmas to you and Emily!


Vicki said...

Hellyn wrote:
Thank you Thank you Thank you for writing. I'm so excited for you. I had lost your blog website in a computer crash. Molly is precious. I know you've written 60+ people but if you have time: when you go in Jan is it to meet her, or to bring her home???? I know eventually you will bring her home, I just don't know if it is this time or another. I'm so happy for you and Emily. I know Emily will enjoy a sister. You are such a special person; I'm glad you are getting to share yourself as a mother.


Vicki said...

Mrs. P. wrote:
Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop. How exciting this is for you and Emily as you anticipate the new member in the family. Molly is so pretty. She reminds me of some of our students in China. Remember that deal??? Poor Mrs. P sick enough to die shortly after I returned from China--fainting and falling out of chairs. But it was all worth it. I loved teaching over there.
Be sure to continue to keep me in the loop. I am so thrilled for you and will ask my dear ladies in my class to pray for you also.
Merry Christmas to the two of you.
Mrs. P

Vicki said...

Ragena wrote:
Oh my, you know how to make me cry! I love reading about my Willow girl and now about her new sister Molly. Thanks for adding my name to your update list. I will be praying for your trip to China.

Merry Christmas and holiday blessings!

Vicki said...

Karen wrote:
WOW.. girl you got some stuff going on! Vicki you are the strongest person I know! Just embarking on this again at “our age” Miss Molly is such a lucky girl to have you, Emily, and your family! I know you feel you are the lucky one! What a blessing for you all and for those of us watching from afar! I can’t believe you left the water running so long… girl I home it wasn’t too terrible and that you didn’t cause a lot of damage…insurance well it just doesn’t cover it all… what a wake up call… could have been fire on the stove or something… SLOW DOWN! Molly looks so sweet in her pictures… what a treasure for Em and Molly… does Emily remember her language? Will she be able to communicate and translate for you? I remember how scare poor Emily was those first few days leaving… this is so exciting for us watching from the outside.. you are all on my prayer list and wish safe travels and love to overcome all the obstacles … you are prepared and you have Emily by you this time it should be another great ride!

Vicki said...

Deb wrote:
Hi Vicki,

So happy to hear and see photos of your new daughter Molly! Emily is getting a sister!
I am looking forward to following your journey, it has been a long time since we were with Children's Hope International for the adoption of our daughter Xiaohua (July 2008)

Since then we have adopted from Guangzhou (July 2010) Joan Marie Suipei and then in November of 2011 we adopted Xiaohua's best friend from Nanjing, our 9 yr. old son Hualong.
Once home with him he was found to have a serious heart condition, (complete surprise)
he had surgery this past June is is recovered with no restrictions! he is our miracle child.

In fact ( are you ready for this?) Hualong has asked for a brother from China, we are LID for 10 year old Gou Shize in Chengdu, China. (This is day 43 since LID, we are resuing last year's dossier, this time we are with CAWLI)

I will be following your blog and are so happy for you and Emily! Yahoo!

Here are our blogs:

www.weloveyougracie.com 2008
www.asisterforxiaohua.com 2010
www.journeytonumber2son.com 2011
www.godsamazingelliot.com 2013?

Adoption is the most joyful, satisfying journey I have ever been blessed to be part of.
I wish I could adopt them all (and I am not kidding)