Saturday, December 29, 2012

Uhm....White Christmas for Sure....Sand Instead of Snow

Em and the ole uncles on the beach -
Isn't the sunset beautiful?
Yes. She is barefooted in freezing cold water.
Yes. I took my shoes and socks off, too, when she asked me to play in the surf. (I'm a firm believer that a parent needs to be the BEST play buddy with their child. How often do we overlook the opportunities to be one?)

After about 45 seconds in the lovely, clear, cold, water -- with manta rays swimming closely in view (awesome) - I told my brothers that my feet were just fine. They were numb. I was good to continue on.

I figured having my feet in icy water and walking in the sand/thru the sand was very therapeutic for me.
I put ice packs on them to help with some tendon issues I face.
Why not cover them whole hog in a wonderful setting with dear people.

The brothers were precious and quite entertaining over the weekend.
As Emily says, they were "hunky dunky" - a little phrase from the movie Christmas in Connecticut...a black and white one that we watched while sharing the holidays with 'the boys'.

It was delightful.

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