Sunday, December 9, 2012

Out and About Looking at Christmas Lights...

and listening to one of my 2 favorite Andys - Andy Williams. My other is Andy Griffith. I canNOT believe that they both have moved on to heaven.

Them and the mouse I had to dispose of at KK's house today.
KK = fellow teacher, good buddy, travel mate when I head to China (along with Emily and Kourtney -- KK's 25-ish-y y/o daughter)
Seems a little rodent has been tantalizing her two human-like dogs.

How human? I was told that Lucy - the girl German Shepherd - had her feelings hurt and would not come inside Friday because Emily spent Wednesday night in HER...Lucy's...bedroom at their house.


These are dogs who (not "that" - WHO) ring bells on the back door to alert folks they need to go outside and do their business. Joey, the other German Shepherd, stands up on KK's bike/bicycle seat on the patio and looks into the dining room. Probably waiting for Judge Judy to come on. He's as big as an ox, and although KK and I have been personally funding Weight Watchers building programs for the last few years, her behind sits on a bike seat that is NOT big enough for a German Shepherd to stand on.

Back to Ralph, the newly departed mouse (a.k.a. Mouse and the Motorcycle main character and book on Emily's summer reading list)
He'd been running around in the backyard for about 4 months but had the terrible misfortune of falling into the dogs' water container - a 5 gallon Kikkoman soy sauce bucket. He didn't stand a chance. Glub. Glub.

The story goes -- everyone in the house 'screamed like a pansy' (per Kourtney) when they realized the mouse had drowned in the water bucket. No one in this family is stouthearted when it comes to critters with long, naked tails.

I had two white rats for pets in my classroom years ago: Scooter and Smokey.
KK said IF it ever crossed my mind to get more, she'd quit.
We teach in the same classroom. The fun never ends.

I went to the House of Chickens today, poured out all the water from the bucket - oh - in the street. Heaven forbid I pour rodent water on the grass in their yard. They couldn't stand it. One of them had managed to get a lid on the bucket so I didn't have to stare at the poor little angel, and Kourtney did actually bring the bucket to the driveway.

I then placed the entire bucket - Ralph and all - in a trash bag, tied it up, and put it on the front floor board of my car. I brought it to MY house to set out with MY trash - which will be picked up Tuesday. Emily sat in the backseat eating chicken nuggets all the way home. We are some TOUGH girls in my family.

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