Friday, December 7, 2012

Ladybug's Are Landin'....

...and surely Emily's fingers are made for s-o-m-e musical instrument: pluckin', playin'.

She's taking violin right now. Love it. We're hoping to move past the "cat scratchin' on a metal roof' phase" real soon.

We're still waiting.
Waiting to hear what our next step is in our quest to bring Miss Molly home.

From what info I've been given, Molly has rec'd a cake, a hat (It's FREEZING where she lives.), and a stuffed Panda bear - items I sent via a delivery service based out of China and the U.S. She has seen photos of her new family...and it looks like the ball is rolling along nicely.

Something tells me it's fixin' to pick up steam, though.

The room is now set up with Molly's bed. Emily asked me to sleep in it 2x this week.
I did.
It's really comfy...a fun room.
Thanks for all your inquiries, emails, and text messages, personal checks made out to....

We appreciate your prayers.

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