Wednesday, December 12, 2012

E-GADs! Brain Drain....Typos and Other Errors

Although I seem to be functioning in my fairly normal "World of Vicki", the products of my actions might be evidence otherwise.

I nearly croaked when I went back and read the Update on Miss Molly post. I had so many typographical errors: me for met, the for them. Ick. I hate not catching typos, and these are the kind that spellcheck did not catch b/c my misprints are technically words. (I'm going to edit that post in just a moment and hopefully make it right. Fingers crossed.)
I had a typo in the heading of THIS post.

The reason: The same reason I drove down the wrong road Sunday -- headed to a Christmas function at church. It dawned on me I had no idea where I was headed. I turned around and got back on the right track.
The same reason I faxed papers to my own self - the fax number I was dialing from - instead of to the one for the intended recipient.

The same reason I started the bathwater in the tub only to return to the bathroom 30 minutes later and find water 1" deep all over the bathroom, my bedroom, headed down the hall to other rooms....water that is traveling across the floor from which I'd JUST picked up Molly's entire batch of adoption papers. The 14 inch high stack.
The floor on which Emily's photo albums from her adoption/China trip were sitting snugly in a little green container. The water was absorbed into the container; however, it didn't get to the 3 photo albums. Phew.

The same reason...well. You get the point.

I call it "A Brain Too Full".
I'm collaborating with various folks on two sides of the world, translating, inquiring, requesting, submitting, preparing, paying, buying, negotiating...

And crying.

Some tears are happy tears.
Others are for close friends who've had significant losses in their lives -- in just the last few days/weeks.
Marlene and Donna's sweet fur babies - Mikey and Maggie - precious, silly, sibling puppy dogs.
Maggie moved to heaven early Saturday morning - sleeping across Donna's chest.
Mikey moved to heaven the next morning.
Totally unrelated health issues - but the timing was so unbelievable.

Marlene and Donna are incredibly special to us.
Emily thinks they're nuts. They are.
And they're in our hearts and prayers.

Well, I must go correct previous psot, uhm...pots....uhm post!!
I've edited this post about 10 times already.

Thanks for all the sweet, sweet emails. I'm reading the kind words and well wishes.
Molly will be surrounded by people who love her dearly.

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Anne said...

Oh, my dear friend! We'll rev up the praying -- sounds like you need it!

Molly has the SWEETEST expressions! What a precious young lady!

Love you!