Friday, December 21, 2012

About a Year Ago....

That far back.

Actually a little over a year ago as I was feeling the "prompting" that adopting Guo Yang (a.k.a. Molly) might a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y be-coming reality, I was talkin' to the Lord.

I reminded him how old I was.
He knew already.
I reminded him how much I make as a schoolteacher.
He knew that, already, too.
He's pretty sharp, huh?

Uh hum.
...and as I was headed into church that Sunday morning, I just sorta jokingly told the Lord, "Ya know, Lord, IF this is something you want me to do AGAIN...I will. I'm in. Game on...but I need you to make it REAL clear to me. I jokingly said, 'You have the preacher say something about Inner Mongolia during his message today. Sorta like a sign.' Then I chuckled. I don't really believe in signs. I believe in listening to the still, small voice inside - the one that - WHO - says, 'This is the way. Walk ye in it.' "

You know what happened?
The preacher did not say Inner Mongolia in his message.
I never gave it a 2nd thought after I snickered and thought about it out loud - earlier in the morning - in jest to the Lord.

That evening Emily and I went with Nanny Carol to the Missions Week activities at her church.
We, of course, went to hear the missionaries to China.
To Haiti.
To Egypt.
To Russia.

While sitting and listening to the missionary from Russia talk about some of their recent ventures and where they are located, the woman said, "Nobody really knows exactly where our outposts are located."
She pointed at a map.
Next she said, "We're here in southern Russia - right above Mongolia."

I just kinda thought, "Well. Looks like Emily is getting a sister!"

Did I expect any reference to Mongolia and/or Inner Mongolia?
Was I surprised?
Not really.
It had all the wink of an inside joke from God.

Did I make my decision based on this happening?
Once again, no.
It's just an amusing little story (to me) of how the Lord has made His presence known to me.
That and how the guest minister at my church - whom we'd never met before or since - told my mother he wasn't sure if it was him or the Lord, but he felt God was going to add another grandchild to her family.

That and the $3,000 we made at a yard sale - with thanks to Marlene, Jean, and other good buddies who donated items.
Or the check I rec'd in the mail from Melzana - William's precious mom. I taught William in elementary school. He's in medical school now.
Possibly the check from longtime friends of our family - Georgia and Ben.
Donna's load of precious clothes for "the girls".
Rina's box in the mail - full of darling clothes.
Or my dear friend, Cindy, hoping/attempting to donate her frequent flyer miles and/or amex points to help pay for our flights.
Janice's beautiful quilt on Molly's bed.
Mr. Bill's Sunday School class donating money for the adoption.
Mrs. Jean's Sunday School class doing the very same thing.
Donnie and Gwen giving me an antique bed for Miss Molly to sleep in.
And one sweet stranger's 5.00 bill tucked away in a card.
I am humbled and honored.

We're to be led by the Holy Spirit, and we are.
It's just kinda cool to see how the Lord 'shows out' for His children.

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