Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Christmas Card Photo and The STASH of Gifts from Dear Friends in Kansas

Samm (Dick & Sherrie) - Your card will be in the mail soon. We were needing to get our hands on your new address. Yikes. It will be placed in the address book!!!!

Thank you, sweetie pie, for the wonderful box of goodies you, mom, and dad sent to us. We placed your little photo on our Christmas tree and smiled each time we saw it, and your Christmas card picture is front and center on a desk in the living room. Emily loves the "sister" necklaces....and caramel popcorn (the best). I'm lovin' the cheese popcorn and beautiful mother/daughter necklace; however, I was dippin' strongly into the red hot flavored popcorn last night. Yummmmy - pink sauce and white chocolate party mix.

Nanny Carol felt so special to be included in the BIG box of happies you sent our way. Please thank your mom and dad for us. We love you all so very much. Miss Vicki and Emily

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