Monday, November 12, 2012

Molly's Soon-to-Be Visa Photo - It's Not a Current Photo

  ....but isn't she precious?!
I think she would've been about 7-ish years old.
I think this picture is from 2008.

I've been on the phone with the adoption agency going over the discussion that THIS is the original photo on Molly's file and THE one that must be used for U.S. Department of State Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration form. Can you say, "That's a MOUTHFUL!!"

There are the 2 pages of Biographic Data to submit (never heard the word 'biographic') and the 2 pages associated with the Sworn Statement.

Oh. The. Joy. What exactly am I swearing to?
My mother told me not to swear?!

A few dates are mentioned in Miss Molly's file...some significant ones when reports were written, when file was created, when medical examinations were like these.

I could NOT help but notice that on one of the two Examination Reports from District Hospital that Molly was admitted on May 19, 2006. The little angel had some procedures carried out on her leg.
Hmmmm. Can you imagine being operated on without having a mommy there to turn you over to the nurses? To be there when you wake up from anesthesia?
Who sat with her in the hospital while she recovered? Got her ice to suck on ? Assured her she'd be feeling better soon?

That day is the day my first China dossier was logged in with the Chinese gov't. - the dossier that eventually led me to Emily.
I realize it is likely only a coincidence....but really? May 19, 2006 - the date I've said (200 times) "lives forever in history" because of the impact it had on my life and the life of Emily.
Now it seems to be of utmost importance for other reasons.

On Molly's file, the Chinese version AND translated English version, the LAST statement reads:
"She will be a pupil in "Inner Mongolian" school on Sept. 1, 2008."
That's the day I was in China and met Emily.

Yes. I know it's a stretch to link all this together, but these 2 dates are noted with importance in Molly's file, but they've already been KEY dates in my life and Emily's.
I'm just sayin'......

Hmmmm......Red Threads.....??
I'm thinkin' yeah!!


Anne said...

Vicki! She reminds me of Emily in earlier pictures!!!! Like SISTERS!!!

chinamom said...

Oh Vicki, amazing how that red thread stretches and tugs. So ready for you to have Molly in your lives. Keep us posted.