Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gift for A Soon to be Born - Little Boy

Em and I had the honor of attending a little baby shower for a girl I worked with in the past. We managed to squeeze this in along with the other 593 events on tap for that day. Ended up at an LSU...uhm...uhm...Alabama football game party at said "Lisa's" house. This is where I note that my darling child ate crab dip, a bite of catfish, and ---- drumroll -- alligator.
Oh no.
Not me.
I am not a picky eater by any means, but I just don't eat meats of various types. I'm sorta just a 'chicken' girl - and even then...feel a bit guilty.
 I play it safe in that department.
We got into a funny Bible discussion of what animals should/should not be eaten...based on scripture.
Something was said about critters w/eyes on the sides of their head vs front.
(I cannot bear the thought of eating 'critters'.)
I said, "Well - what about potatoes? They have lots of eyes."
Discussion ended.

Emily, Nanny Carol, and I sat around and hoo-ed and haaa-ed with some of the most hilarious folks.
Inside tailgate-ing-type party 101.

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