Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blessings of the Season

This picture was taken at a b'day party that we attended for one of our precious friends who was born with Down's. She about 4 feet tall and has a grin as wide as the Mississippi River. She is sunshine bundled up and walking amongst us. Marlene got to attend this gathering, too. Aren't these precious decorations. Somehow between the 2 adults - that would be Mar and me - in attempting to keep wax from spilling on the tablecloth -------- we spilled candle wax on the lovely tablecloth. Oops.

The party -- DJ, music, tons of food, great b'day cake, lovely location -- was held at the Catholic Church where the b'day girl works.
I told the Presbyterians at my table, "These folks know how to have fun. We should've ALL been Catholic."

Went to the mailbox this week to find my I-797 US Gov't form had arrived.
I did what any prospective adoptive parent would do. I scratched my head and thought to myself,
"Ok. What next?!"
Well...that's every other adoptive parent but Forest and Robin. Geesh. They know it all - forward and backward. Then again, they're adopting child #4 -- a darling baby boy -- to go along with their 3 grown bio boys and 3 darling daughters from China. They've been helping me get photos onto the computer so I can order them, put some in a Shutterfly book, and call 2012 thus far in photos...DONE!!
I love this family and am so thrilled to call them friends.

I best tie up any loose strings in life ASAP b/c it appears we'll be headed to China sometime around January - hopefully after the Christmas airline prices go down.

I emailed my adoption agency and asked them about my I-800 - stating that some people have alluded to it being the same as another form.
They told me the I-797 IS the same document as the I-800 and now I have to submit the DS-230/240 (can't remember right this second) and to find all the important papers on the LSC listing.

Can you imagine H-O-W complicated all these codes, initials, acronyms, etc. can be? In reality, however, the agency does walk me through it all. It's like doing your taxes over and over and over again with a kindergarten teaching holding your hand and helping you.

Molly's Care Package is being sent, contacts in China are working to get information, and sometime soon on the other side of the world a little girl is going to learn that she is leaving all she has ever known and going forward into a family.

I covet your prayers for her...for Emily...and our family as we undertake this tremendous opportunity made available by the Lord. We are honored and humbled.

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