Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Writing a Metaphoric Statement

Yep. We're graduating into more complex areas of the English language.
Actually....she's long since learned what a simile is; however, writing a metaphoric statement...takes practice.
You just naturally wanna add 'like' or 'as'.
No can do.
She had to write about Martin Luther King and his shoes. Her statement was as follows:
"Martin's shoes
were platforms of bravery
laced up with courage."
I helped her with the word 'platforms' and the term 'laced up'
She's probably never heard anyone say, "Lace up your shoes."
I love how she wrote from the perspective of telling about the civil rights leader's inward qualities.
We'll keep practicing. As you can see, she adds her artistic touch to most of what she creates.

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