Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photo Re-Make of Previous Referral Day

Being sentimental as I am (gasp), on the day I received Emily's referral back in 2008...I had mom take a photo of a ladybug necklace that I was wearing. This one below is from KK. I actually have another variation of a ladybug necklace from Marlene and Donna. Love it.
It's on another photograph - saved & treasured.
Anyhoo - The photo in 2008 looked like the pic below from 2012. 
This photo was taken by Emily on the day of Miss Molly's referral.
YEP. I wore the very same top, some different black pants - still similar, and the faded, too big blue jean jacket AND this necklace.
Emily did a great job of focusing in with the camera just like Nanny Carol did 4 years ago.
I just keep looking to see if I have 4 chins hanging down now.
Emily calls them "Gobblers"...but only on other people. I don't think I've arrived at that description.
I wrote - on referral day - in a little journal that I bought for Molly -- my feeling of excitement as I rec'd her referral and how happy I am to bring her home into our family.
I wrote pretty much word for word what I wrote in Emily's journal that I keep for her.
The journal(s) will be a treasured keepsake - messy, scribbled in, full of little things that at the time might seem insignificant....but as I go back and read what I've written in Emily's journal -- amazing.
Things I'd forgotten - that I thought I'd never forget.
Little statements she made.
Things she said that made me laugh.
Things she said that made me cry.
Things that help me see what a wonderful creation every little child and big child is.
I'll pull this photo out one day and show Molly what a monumental day September 25, 2012 was and will forever be.
The day China officially said YES to my adopting her.
What a wonderful time in life.

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