Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Brother Told Me I Needed to RAKE My Dining Room Floor

...and that was leaning toward complimentary.
I've said this before, but a friend of mine's husband blurted out once,
"We have tile floors. The kids track in dirt.
If we had dirt floors, the kids would track in tile."

Amen and don't cha just love it!?
Seems the puppers at our house are bringing in all the leaves in backyard -
by the dozens.
Great, natural autumn decor!

We're in the waiting stage for the next round of papers to be completed for Miss Molly's adoption.
I like waiting.
It means I don't have to do anything.

Let's see - my agency has forwarded questions to China to get an update on sweet tall, how much does she weigh, (Interpret: What size clothes will I need to take with me to China?) what does she like/not like, who is she close to (friends and nannies), etc.
I'm also in the process of sending a care package to Molly at the SWI (Social Welfare Institute) via an adoption friendly organization based in the U.S. with workers in China. I'm ordering a pink heart cake, a little panda bear stuffed toy (I'm limited to 'packages' that the organization has to offer.), a small camera for folks to take pics. I'm having a few other questions asked/ pics sent of her soon to be family - that would be us. You can look at the organizations website at: Folks in the adoption world have used this company for years. They're very kind, reliable, and 'make things happen'.

Other than that, Emily and I are enjoying the wonderful fall weather - going to fun events and spending time with friends and family. Emily has taken to bringing a little portable key board in the car on Wednesday evenings when we go to church. She's getting Nanny Carol to show her how to peck out little songs like Jesus Loves Me or Mary Had a Little Lamb. (As Emily asked a few weeks ago, "What's the song...a, la, la...?" With her having not grown up here in America for her early years, I've still worked hard to expose her to nursery rhymes and classic poems that younger children raised in the U.S. would possibly know.)

As she and Nanny Carol are passing the key board from the front seat to the back and then front/back/front/back...all while I'm going 60mph on the Interstate in 5:00 traffic, Emily was singing the song, "....whose fleas were white as snow."
Another learning moment of fun, love, and frivolity.
We are blessed.

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