Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bubble Girl at an Amusement Park

Emily really is inside a plastic bubble. It's inflated, zipped up with the kiddo inside,and floats around on top of the water. Gotta get on the scales if the workers think you weigh too much. I just did a fake sneeze and backed away from the money-take-upper. Uh hum.
It was tooo cute to see Miss Em inside a bubble like this. Sorta the whole grown up hamster ball experience. We ran into some other "China Moms" at this event, and one said, "No way I'm puttin' my daughter in one of those things. We hear all our lives NOT to put plastic bags on our heads. You think I'm gonna put my whole child in one?"
Good ole Amanda. Never at a loss for sarcastic and humorous comments!

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