Sunday, October 28, 2012

Artwork in Hand - Pumpkin Painted on Packing Bubbles

Looking for opportunities to be creative in the every day world of "things" around us. I mean....packing bubble material that was headed for the trash can is now the cutest little fall display of art.

Peace, Love, and Candy Corn

That's what Emily's shirt says.
She's at Cultural School practicing The Peacock Dance - a lovely Chinese tradition.

Pile of Paperwork for Adoption

The little mommy/baby doll is one I bought in China when I adopted Emily.

How Proud Am I to See that Emily Has Drawn This? Very!

New Way to Bob for Apples - Hang Em from a String

My Brother Told Me I Needed to RAKE My Dining Room Floor

...and that was leaning toward complimentary.
I've said this before, but a friend of mine's husband blurted out once,
"We have tile floors. The kids track in dirt.
If we had dirt floors, the kids would track in tile."

Amen and don't cha just love it!?
Seems the puppers at our house are bringing in all the leaves in backyard -
by the dozens.
Great, natural autumn decor!

We're in the waiting stage for the next round of papers to be completed for Miss Molly's adoption.
I like waiting.
It means I don't have to do anything.

Let's see - my agency has forwarded questions to China to get an update on sweet tall, how much does she weigh, (Interpret: What size clothes will I need to take with me to China?) what does she like/not like, who is she close to (friends and nannies), etc.
I'm also in the process of sending a care package to Molly at the SWI (Social Welfare Institute) via an adoption friendly organization based in the U.S. with workers in China. I'm ordering a pink heart cake, a little panda bear stuffed toy (I'm limited to 'packages' that the organization has to offer.), a small camera for folks to take pics. I'm having a few other questions asked/ pics sent of her soon to be family - that would be us. You can look at the organizations website at: Folks in the adoption world have used this company for years. They're very kind, reliable, and 'make things happen'.

Other than that, Emily and I are enjoying the wonderful fall weather - going to fun events and spending time with friends and family. Emily has taken to bringing a little portable key board in the car on Wednesday evenings when we go to church. She's getting Nanny Carol to show her how to peck out little songs like Jesus Loves Me or Mary Had a Little Lamb. (As Emily asked a few weeks ago, "What's the song...a, la, la...?" With her having not grown up here in America for her early years, I've still worked hard to expose her to nursery rhymes and classic poems that younger children raised in the U.S. would possibly know.)

As she and Nanny Carol are passing the key board from the front seat to the back and then front/back/front/back...all while I'm going 60mph on the Interstate in 5:00 traffic, Emily was singing the song, "....whose fleas were white as snow."
Another learning moment of fun, love, and frivolity.
We are blessed.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saddle Sittin' - But the Horse was Tired

We all gathered with our 'special' friends at an event w-a-a-a-y out in the country. Kayla is really comfortable with the buddies we took out there, and she joined us for the outing. Talk about good food, good friends, and the scenery was absolutely incredible.

We've Fed Ex'd a boatload of documents to the official 'lock box' in Texas where it'll be looked over, evaluated, and who knows what else. I actually had to wait a few weeks to even send these papers because of having to locate the address of the Social Welfare Institute (orphanage) in Inner Mongolia where sweet Miss Molly is living. My adoption agency had to track it down, but the entire country was on a one week national holiday and we had to w-a-i-t for the information. I just laughed as I was typing up the was a form for a form for a form with a supplemental form attached - preceding the next form that will be applied for. THANK HEAVENS my agency GIVES me a copy of the completed papers (example with fake names) and says, "Here honey. Fill in the blanks but put your name on the lines."

I LOVE it when people are that specific - that helpful.
My adoption agency IS!!

So, here we are in autumn. No secret that it is my absolutely favorite time of year.
But it's here, and Emily and I...and Nanny Carol...are enjoying each and every day.
We love it when our family and friends can join us for the riches of the season.

Our prayer list has been a bit full these days - precious friends who've moved to heaven.
Even Nanny Carol's Sister, my Aunt Topsy - Em's Great Aunt, has gone home to be with the Lord.
We LOVE Aunt Topsy!

Celebration ceremonies.
Confidence that we will see them again.

Joy unspeakable and full of glory!

Autumn Girls

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood - Just Not My Neighborhood

Face Painting Fun

Fishin' Em: Enjoying God's Beautiful Scenery

The fish went BACK into the water to live on!!!

Corn Eatin' with Miss Anna

Cutting Out Homemade Pattern for Bad Kitty - 100% Her Doing!

Reading Fair Project - On Her Own!!

Miss Em's Art Work.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photo Re-Make of Previous Referral Day

Being sentimental as I am (gasp), on the day I received Emily's referral back in 2008...I had mom take a photo of a ladybug necklace that I was wearing. This one below is from KK. I actually have another variation of a ladybug necklace from Marlene and Donna. Love it.
It's on another photograph - saved & treasured.
Anyhoo - The photo in 2008 looked like the pic below from 2012. 
This photo was taken by Emily on the day of Miss Molly's referral.
YEP. I wore the very same top, some different black pants - still similar, and the faded, too big blue jean jacket AND this necklace.
Emily did a great job of focusing in with the camera just like Nanny Carol did 4 years ago.
I just keep looking to see if I have 4 chins hanging down now.
Emily calls them "Gobblers"...but only on other people. I don't think I've arrived at that description.
I wrote - on referral day - in a little journal that I bought for Molly -- my feeling of excitement as I rec'd her referral and how happy I am to bring her home into our family.
I wrote pretty much word for word what I wrote in Emily's journal that I keep for her.
The journal(s) will be a treasured keepsake - messy, scribbled in, full of little things that at the time might seem insignificant....but as I go back and read what I've written in Emily's journal -- amazing.
Things I'd forgotten - that I thought I'd never forget.
Little statements she made.
Things she said that made me laugh.
Things she said that made me cry.
Things that help me see what a wonderful creation every little child and big child is.
I'll pull this photo out one day and show Molly what a monumental day September 25, 2012 was and will forever be.
The day China officially said YES to my adopting her.
What a wonderful time in life.

School Days

Writing a Metaphoric Statement

Yep. We're graduating into more complex areas of the English language.
Actually....she's long since learned what a simile is; however, writing a metaphoric statement...takes practice.
You just naturally wanna add 'like' or 'as'.
No can do.
She had to write about Martin Luther King and his shoes. Her statement was as follows:
"Martin's shoes
were platforms of bravery
laced up with courage."
I helped her with the word 'platforms' and the term 'laced up'
She's probably never heard anyone say, "Lace up your shoes."
I love how she wrote from the perspective of telling about the civil rights leader's inward qualities.
We'll keep practicing. As you can see, she adds her artistic touch to most of what she creates.

Yet Again...Another Children's Book Author

This funny lady is the writer of the Llama Llama stories. These books are definitely for the younger ages, but it was a "treat to meet and greet" the author!

Bubble Girl at an Amusement Park

Emily really is inside a plastic bubble. It's inflated, zipped up with the kiddo inside,and floats around on top of the water. Gotta get on the scales if the workers think you weigh too much. I just did a fake sneeze and backed away from the money-take-upper. Uh hum.
It was tooo cute to see Miss Em inside a bubble like this. Sorta the whole grown up hamster ball experience. We ran into some other "China Moms" at this event, and one said, "No way I'm puttin' my daughter in one of those things. We hear all our lives NOT to put plastic bags on our heads. You think I'm gonna put my whole child in one?"
Good ole Amanda. Never at a loss for sarcastic and humorous comments!