Sunday, September 23, 2012

We're ALL-ways Winning....

That's how it is with our lives. We just win a lot! Emily was playing Bingo at a function (for Special Needs Kids....we took some special friends to this event), and after a looooooong time, I just sorta blurted out (I know. Shocking.), "We need N-31!"
No lie, the chick-a-doodle calling out numbers in a syrupy southern drawl pulled out the next little number ball and said, "E-UN 31." I winked at her cuz I thought she was just appeasing me, but she said, "Reeee-uh-lee. E-UN 31." Clutch the pearls. Emily bingo-ed. I asked the other girl sitting beside me for a l-o-n-g time to blurt out her needed number. She did, and you are correct. THAT'S the number ball pulled. Miss V - number caller - kept showing us our winning numbers, and there were LOTS more left to pull from the little Bingo pot. Too bad I'm not the Vegas-type.

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