Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here She Is! Introducing....Miss Molly!

Isn't she an angel?

Emily and I are thrilled to share with our friends and family that we will be traveling to China in 3-4 months to bring this darling daughter/sister home. We are overwhelmed at the glorious connections the Lord has made for us and stand humbled before all that He's allowed us this magnificent opportunity.

I've been told via her file she's somewhat shy, possibly more quiet than talkative, obedient, & delightful. Bless her heart, and to think....she gets ME for a mother.

Molly's Chinese name is Guo Yang. I'm having the agency contact officials in China to find out exactly w-h-a-t the folks there call her - but the Chinese gov't agency is closed for a few days. She is 11 y/o, and since she is accustomed to being called something, it will behoove me to give that name/nickname serious consideration. Whatever it might be, it'll be incorporated or used as a middle name.

This photo was taken when I asked for updated information on Guo Yang. Looks like her Chinese caretakers dressed her up real cute and took her to scenic spot for posing.
THAT was last December.
Does she know I'm coming for her?
Is she wondering what's taking so long?

I also had a medical update carried out. Sweet Miss Molly, who lives in Inner Mongolia - Xilinhot (upper right side of IM on a map) - was taken to Beijing for a check up. She was born with a club foot/affected leg and fused fingers -- all on the left side. This is merely due to the fact that in utero, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her foot and hand and prevented them from forming properly. She'll need surgery, castings, We are prepared!!

The whole emotional aspect of what is waiting right around the corner is beginning to catch up with me. I've been distracted, but it's all a good thing. When the agency mentioned that I could travel anywhere from 11-19 weeks....I was surprised. Lots to do. Lots to think about. Lots of changes. Lots of plans to make...and how delighted I am to carry out every little and/or large part of it.

Nanny Carol said - after we celebrated with a Chinese dinner on the day her LSC arrived, "I'm not sure I can keep up with you!!"
She can.

Thanks to all who've waited with us, prayed for us, and anticipated this wonderful time in our lives. We are excited beyond measure and believe that 2012 is ordained by the Lord to be The Year Our Highest Expectations Will Be Fulfilled.

Ya Hoo!!!