Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad Kitty for President: Yes. We Met the Author....

...and he told us about his little 4 y/o daughter who was adopted from Vietnam. He read a chapter from a book that is still in the publishing stage - Bad Kitty: School Daze.
I told Emily, "Wow. You'll be the first one at your school to have heard about the story - firsthand." (Not to 'one up' anyone....just exciting to hear readings from a book not yet on the shelves.)
We bought the book Bad Kitty for President, and it's phenomenal in teaching all the vocabulary associated with a presidential election. Since a big 'uns comin' up soon, it's right on target with helping Emily understand the basics of the process.
Don't get anyone started on the Electoral College and what the mechanics are behind the election. Tends to get a bit confusing....
We were just honored to sit with others for a while and have a real children's book author read to us...up close and personal.

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