Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 Cuties on the Swing - And I Have My Log In Date with China

Emily is a part of Bible Drill this year. Why not throw a little King's English & memorization on top of EVERYthing else she's learning and/or needs to know. LOL. We're keeping it low pressure. I tell her teachers at school, "I'm not so concerned about grades....just that's she's learning."
That translates better to a lower stress life.
As she was learning some key passages about The Twelve Apostles, she got Apostles and Disciples sorta mixed up....and before it was all over with, she was saying, "The Twlves A-sciples and that turned into The Twelve A-Possums".
Cracked. Me. Up.

We celebrated our Fabulous 4th Gotcha Day last weekend.
Notice the lack of a post?!
We DID, however, celebrate...just low key-ish.
Went to Old Navy and replaced her torn, zipper broken white walking shorts.
Whoop-dee-doo, huh?
Nanny Carol actually bought her a 2nd pair of those, too.
Remember the mantra: If 1's good, 2's better.
Emily also picked out two darling tops.
Later that day we ate Chinese food at the tail end of a lunchtime buffet -
so it'd be cheaper than eatin' out at night.
We are on a budget for the pending adoption!!

That evening we spent with some friends watching the LSU football game. This girl, Lisa, is one of THE nuttiest people I've ever met. She asked me one time, "How come we've never found you girls before NOW?" We are both - in essence - 'off the chain' as they say.
Being around her simply makes me think in humorous fashion. She was sending me messages that I had to come dressed appropriately for the LSU game party, as I replied that I was/am wardrobe deficient concerning those school colors.
I did manage to find a very tacky Mardi Gras type necklace with ga-normous purple & gold beads.
I told her she made me DIG DEEP to meet her game fashion criteria.
I looked like a rapper from the group Run DMC with that big, ole honkin' accessory. Ugh.

Emily, on the other hand, has outgrown her LSU tee-shirt. My little one is getting taller, but sometimes I think it's the shoes she has on. Maybe not.

We're preparing for the next step in the adoption.
I'm officially LID as of 8/15/12.
My papers are logged in somewhere in the People's Republic of China. I've completed ALL that I can thus far; however, no worries. There's TONS more to do.
Next move is there's.
Once I get mail with Chinese writng and English translations, then it's on to Step #583 in this process.
We're waiting. Expecting.
The Lord is good!!
More news soon.

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