Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here She Is! Introducing....Miss Molly!

Isn't she an angel?

Emily and I are thrilled to share with our friends and family that we will be traveling to China in 3-4 months to bring this darling daughter/sister home. We are overwhelmed at the glorious connections the Lord has made for us and stand humbled before all that He's allowed us this magnificent opportunity.

I've been told via her file she's somewhat shy, possibly more quiet than talkative, obedient, & delightful. Bless her heart, and to think....she gets ME for a mother.

Molly's Chinese name is Guo Yang. I'm having the agency contact officials in China to find out exactly w-h-a-t the folks there call her - but the Chinese gov't agency is closed for a few days. She is 11 y/o, and since she is accustomed to being called something, it will behoove me to give that name/nickname serious consideration. Whatever it might be, it'll be incorporated or used as a middle name.

This photo was taken when I asked for updated information on Guo Yang. Looks like her Chinese caretakers dressed her up real cute and took her to scenic spot for posing.
THAT was last December.
Does she know I'm coming for her?
Is she wondering what's taking so long?

I also had a medical update carried out. Sweet Miss Molly, who lives in Inner Mongolia - Xilinhot (upper right side of IM on a map) - was taken to Beijing for a check up. She was born with a club foot/affected leg and fused fingers -- all on the left side. This is merely due to the fact that in utero, the umbilical cord was wrapped around her foot and hand and prevented them from forming properly. She'll need surgery, castings, We are prepared!!

The whole emotional aspect of what is waiting right around the corner is beginning to catch up with me. I've been distracted, but it's all a good thing. When the agency mentioned that I could travel anywhere from 11-19 weeks....I was surprised. Lots to do. Lots to think about. Lots of changes. Lots of plans to make...and how delighted I am to carry out every little and/or large part of it.

Nanny Carol said - after we celebrated with a Chinese dinner on the day her LSC arrived, "I'm not sure I can keep up with you!!"
She can.

Thanks to all who've waited with us, prayed for us, and anticipated this wonderful time in our lives. We are excited beyond measure and believe that 2012 is ordained by the Lord to be The Year Our Highest Expectations Will Be Fulfilled.

Ya Hoo!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad Kitty for President: Yes. We Met the Author....

...and he told us about his little 4 y/o daughter who was adopted from Vietnam. He read a chapter from a book that is still in the publishing stage - Bad Kitty: School Daze.
I told Emily, "Wow. You'll be the first one at your school to have heard about the story - firsthand." (Not to 'one up' anyone....just exciting to hear readings from a book not yet on the shelves.)
We bought the book Bad Kitty for President, and it's phenomenal in teaching all the vocabulary associated with a presidential election. Since a big 'uns comin' up soon, it's right on target with helping Emily understand the basics of the process.
Don't get anyone started on the Electoral College and what the mechanics are behind the election. Tends to get a bit confusing....
We were just honored to sit with others for a while and have a real children's book author read to us...up close and personal.
Fun Things We've Been Doing:
1. being honored for reading 40 books over the summer - fun event held at Children's Museum
2. meeting the authors of childrens' books
3. going to swim parties
4. taking a children's fitness class
5. watching a bat fly around at dusk - dive bombing for mosquitoes
6. visiting a petting zoo exhibit - lovin' the baby goat
7. cooking S'mores on a lovely September evening
8. concocting recipes (Emily's rendition of Fiber One brownies and Lite Cool Whip - mixed together and placed in Charlie Brown cupcake holders and firmed up in the freezer)
9. having a few days off from school because of weather related to Hurricane Issac
10. winning $25.00 at a children's event ("Das what I'm talkin' 'bout!!)

This MIGHT be One of THE Most Precious Happenings EVAH

Ok. It was time for bed. I told Emily to go brush her $3,000.00 braces and teeth - and head to bed. I'd "be there in a second". She's got me and my "second" figured out. More like minutes.
I needed to finish up in the kitchen, and then it's story-time in the bed.
When I got to her room, I found her - still awake - with this darling little handwritten note on top of the blanket. It said, "Kiss me if I go to sleep, please."
Is she precious - or what?!

S'mores with an Attitude: Girl Workin' the Grill!

The Kid and the Kid

We're ALL-ways Winning....

That's how it is with our lives. We just win a lot! Emily was playing Bingo at a function (for Special Needs Kids....we took some special friends to this event), and after a looooooong time, I just sorta blurted out (I know. Shocking.), "We need N-31!"
No lie, the chick-a-doodle calling out numbers in a syrupy southern drawl pulled out the next little number ball and said, "E-UN 31." I winked at her cuz I thought she was just appeasing me, but she said, "Reeee-uh-lee. E-UN 31." Clutch the pearls. Emily bingo-ed. I asked the other girl sitting beside me for a l-o-n-g time to blurt out her needed number. She did, and you are correct. THAT'S the number ball pulled. Miss V - number caller - kept showing us our winning numbers, and there were LOTS more left to pull from the little Bingo pot. Too bad I'm not the Vegas-type.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

3 Cuties on the Swing - And I Have My Log In Date with China

Emily is a part of Bible Drill this year. Why not throw a little King's English & memorization on top of EVERYthing else she's learning and/or needs to know. LOL. We're keeping it low pressure. I tell her teachers at school, "I'm not so concerned about grades....just that's she's learning."
That translates better to a lower stress life.
As she was learning some key passages about The Twelve Apostles, she got Apostles and Disciples sorta mixed up....and before it was all over with, she was saying, "The Twlves A-sciples and that turned into The Twelve A-Possums".
Cracked. Me. Up.

We celebrated our Fabulous 4th Gotcha Day last weekend.
Notice the lack of a post?!
We DID, however, celebrate...just low key-ish.
Went to Old Navy and replaced her torn, zipper broken white walking shorts.
Whoop-dee-doo, huh?
Nanny Carol actually bought her a 2nd pair of those, too.
Remember the mantra: If 1's good, 2's better.
Emily also picked out two darling tops.
Later that day we ate Chinese food at the tail end of a lunchtime buffet -
so it'd be cheaper than eatin' out at night.
We are on a budget for the pending adoption!!

That evening we spent with some friends watching the LSU football game. This girl, Lisa, is one of THE nuttiest people I've ever met. She asked me one time, "How come we've never found you girls before NOW?" We are both - in essence - 'off the chain' as they say.
Being around her simply makes me think in humorous fashion. She was sending me messages that I had to come dressed appropriately for the LSU game party, as I replied that I was/am wardrobe deficient concerning those school colors.
I did manage to find a very tacky Mardi Gras type necklace with ga-normous purple & gold beads.
I told her she made me DIG DEEP to meet her game fashion criteria.
I looked like a rapper from the group Run DMC with that big, ole honkin' accessory. Ugh.

Emily, on the other hand, has outgrown her LSU tee-shirt. My little one is getting taller, but sometimes I think it's the shoes she has on. Maybe not.

We're preparing for the next step in the adoption.
I'm officially LID as of 8/15/12.
My papers are logged in somewhere in the People's Republic of China. I've completed ALL that I can thus far; however, no worries. There's TONS more to do.
Next move is there's.
Once I get mail with Chinese writng and English translations, then it's on to Step #583 in this process.
We're waiting. Expecting.
The Lord is good!!
More news soon.

Our Fan Dancin' Females - Em's in the Red Dress

Chick-a-Dee Wiped Out on the Couch

Barnes and Noble with Sweet Meri - At ESL Summer School

Curls in Her Hair - Done for Free by a REAL Hairstylist

Em was going on an outing with some 'special needs' young adults & kids...and EVERYone was getting all doodied up. The 'so kind' hairstylist insisted on giving Miss Emily the works, too. In this southern humidity, curls like that don't stay around for long. It was a DEE-lightful evening!

Near the Cross

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Phlat Phoebe and Longtime Phriend

I went to school with a precious girl named Karen.
(In these parts, you're ALWAYS a "girl".
Age is insignificant.
Case closed.)
Karen is THE cutest girl in the world who could always make shorter hair look soooo darling. Got that southern sense of humor. I mean really, what else would anyone need in life?

She keeps up with the blog and with the antics of this single-mom-come-lately-to-the-table-of-motherhood and her cutie patootie daughter.
That would be us.

Anyhoo, she sent me these pictures of her absolutely ADORABLE daughter and Phlat Phoebe -- in the pics. You've gotta read below.

This just serves to remind me that all daughters/children everywhere should be celebrated each and every day in the simple, silly pleasures of life. Thanks, Karen, for taking me down the road a few years and helping me realize this journey will always be full of "adventures" in the making.

Hey Vicki!
I was reading your blog this afternoon and saw the entry about Flat Stanley… my kids loved Flat Stanley… so when my daughter and I went to Chicago a few weeks ago…we took “Phlat Phoebe” with us… Phoebe is Kallie’s English Bulldog…my granddog! We took a picture of her, blew it up and mounted it on cardboard with a pencil handle… but of course had to name her PHlat Phoebe!

I attached two pictures to this email so you can share with Emily. One is Phlat Phoebe sitting in the Houston airport with Kallie waiting for the flight, the other is Phlat Phoebe on a tour amongst the skyscrapers of Chicago. Phoebe made her appearance in many situations and returned safe and sound. She is planning on going on more adventures. We actually decided to put stamps on her back side signifying where she has traveled and when.
See...even 22 year old daughters are silly!
I too wonder where my kindergartner went, but she reminds me often she is still inside that grown up young lady!