Sunday, August 19, 2012

1st Day of 4th Grade. Where's My Little Kindergarten Girl?

Aw. She's still there.
Recently Em was talking about us needing a "fly swiper" to get rid of a bug that was pestering her. She also said she was cold and had "chilly bumps" on her arms.
Mercy me.
Those terms make 100% sense.
She's coming along. As I type she's sitting next to me reading Flat Stanley - His Original Adventure. I read a chapter. Then it's her turn. Another Flat Stanley book was read for her summer reading log...along with about 39 other books with a variety of topics/lengths.
I reckon we're doing the George Jefferson: Movin' On Up.
Remember that song & sitcom from back in the good ole days?

We stopped at the Sno Cone stand last Friday. It's sorta our weekly routine to get her a treat. As she's chompin' on her Coconut ice delight - with creme flavoring - she started up about Barney Fife and a little girlfriend he shared his sno cone with - when he was a little boy.
She laughed and relayed how he was griping to Andy that the little girl sucked all the juice out of the cone and gave him back a ball of unflavored ice....that IF he could do it all over again, he'd....
Well. You know Barney and his silliness.

This Little Miss is full of silly, too.
Uncle Skipper's coming to town tomorrow, and she'll have met her match.
Looks like I'll spend the next 6 afternoons/evenings saying, "Uhm. That's really not something little ladies need to say/do."
Her reply, "Yeah, b-u-t Skipper...."


Organizing School Supplies

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sista Can SEW!! Sleeping Bag/Pillow for American Girl Dolls

Emily and Kayla - Having Fun with Ice Cream Faces

She Fixed her Hair like a Hungarian Milk Maid. Cute, huh?

Squished Between "The Girls"

I'm not referring to the 2 ladies as "The Girls" betwixt which Em is sandwiched. LOL. one my last requests before returning to teaching was to go 'out in the country' to a fave restaurant -- belonging to the Chef Extraordinaire on the right (Cookie is on the left.) Talk about southern cooking, atmosphere, hugs: tea served in quart size canning jars, straws in coffee cans, and coconut cake snuggled quaintly in the cabinet of an antique piece of furniture near all the hoopla of chatter and activity.

Menu: Fried chicken, smothered okra, turnip greens, cabbage, yeast rolls, homemade bread puddin'.
The works.

And the restaurant used to be a filling station!!
That's the same thing as a gas station for folks who might not know.

Nanny Carol, Ayi Cookie, 94 y/o Uncle Mike (whose name is not Mike at all -- It's Ben?! Only in the south do folks get called a bevy of pet names that are not really their true ones), Emily, and I drove off the beaten path to spend time together at some fine dining.

Did a little touring of the area to see where Uncle Mike was born back in 19-what?
Yes. I got the calculator out to cipher the numbers.
We had to drive down a "lane" - only wide enough for one car to pass at a time. As I approached another car, we both politely scooted waaay over to the side of the road, waved & smile, and carried on.

I love opportunities like this - for Emily, for family/friends, for ME.
What a joy.