Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer, 2008 Emily and Chun Chun in China (but get a load of the most recent photo down below)

This is a picture of a picture (I"m a "rigger upper" - finding SOME way to get things completed). It's my little Emily and Chun Chun, a.k.a Alex. They met in China - well, we ALL sorta met in China, but the odd thing is Chun Chun would be flying back to the USA only to live about a 1/2 mile from our house.
Talk about Red Thread Connections.
I met his mom in line at the airport as we both were flying out of the country. We met up in again in Japan at that airport, and exchanged information so we could find one another when we all reached Guangzhou, PRC about a week later. No small feat.
Pam, Chun's mommy, would be later getting there because she had to fly to her son's province to meet him. We did find one another and had a lovely dinner at the White Swan hotel on Shamian Island.
Aren't they cute?
Do you just adore Emily's smile? (strategic eye rolling taking place)
Those were hard days for sweet little Emily - adjusting, grieving, surviving, trying to understand what was happening to the life she'd known.
Here - with a strange woman, in a strange city - who was now in complete control of her life.
It's amazing to me the complexity and intricacies of international adoption.
There are no set guidelines and timelines. You just have to step out in faith KNOWING that He who called you to begin the work will, Himself, finish it.
Hebrews says He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.
What a comfort "knowing".
What a journey.
What an honor!!

Summer, 2012 - Emily and Chun Chun

Sunday, July 22, 2012

CIS Approval Has Arrived....and I'm Missing My Own Pillow

CIS stands for Citizenship and Immigration Services - They've said, "Yes" to the phone book stack of documents I've submitted, notarized, certified at the state level, and had authenticated by the Chinese Consulate in the U.S.

This means I've gotta hop to it and get that approval document along with my homestudy to the Secretary of State's office for immediate certification....and yep. Fill out the documents that also have to be submitted with those documents.

Geesh. These papers must surely multiply during the night hours.
My brother Michael said this of Nanny Carol's Tupperware.
Leave 'em alone overnight in the cabinets, come back in the morning....and voila. More.

Anyhoo - once certified, then those documents will be sent to the Chinese Consulate - U.S. location.
BUT....while those are doing "their thing", I've got another stash to doody up and send on to the adoption agency. The agency staff will put the final eye on that batch (which they've already seen scanned and/or faxed in previous weeks - for an early look. No need to proceed if there are mistakes ------ SO I'm always having forms checked out in advance of finalizing them.)

Fingerprints are done.
Background checks are complete.
References are written.
Homestudy is compiled.
Narratives are composed.
Requests are made.
Updates are accomplished.
Social Worker visits are ended (for now).
Financial forms are in place.
Employment information is verified.
Notarizations are certified.
Dossier papers are authenticated.
Prayers are offered.
Praise is constant.

....and Fed Ex stock is up 8% because of my current use of their services.

In the meantime, Miss Emily is being a trooper with my/our summer work schedule and workout schedule. It's nearing time to sleep in our own house again (We spend the night at my mom's so I can get up at 4:20 a.m. and go to exercise bootcamp, AND I'm working away from home to help save money for the adoption.), but what a joy it's been heading to sleep many nights at Nanny Carol's and waking up to her presence - and a good cup of coffee!

We are blessed and trust in the Lord as our Provider, Healer, Encourager, and the Maker of Peace.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Old Timey Bakery Em: The Petit Four Cost More Than Her Shirt

....but then again -- I think the shirt MIGHT have cost $1.00. Another bargain find thanks to the Queen of Thrift: Marlene. The day after the 4th we loaded up in Mar's van and went junkin'. Had to eat along the way - of course. I figured it was time to initiate Em into the way of southern girls -- eating petit fours. And these were some whing-dingers. Yummy - per Emily.

I did, however, pass and opt for the chocolate chip cookie. I thought it'd have less Weight Watcher points until I bit inside and found a NEST of chocolate chips loaded inside. Mar chose the blonde brownie - that is actually caramel and brown-ish.
Sounds like her hair color at the moment.
Thanks to this fun outing Miss Em is now in the possession of gobs of blouses, skirts, and pants that cost basically nothing. Ok. Well maybe 18.00 dollars.

That's how I rationalized the WW points on the cookie.
"Oh. Not MUCH."
I love living in Vicki-Land with my sweet little Confectionary Em!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1st Trip to a Dairy Queen - Summer's Here!!

X-Ray Em - and That's MY Finger She's Studying on the Screen

Just a little splint on the pinky for 2 months. Nothing to fret about. This x-ray tech is my kind of girl. She let Em push all the buttons to actually x-ray my currently restricted phalanges and pull up all the info/images on the computer monitor, yadda, yadda. (Too bad the payment for it all was not made out to Emily. Phooey!) Anyhoo...That tech-girl will be on our 2012 Christmas Card List for initiating my daughter's medical education. 

Em and 90+ Something Year Old Friend in His Garden

I couldn't pay enough money in the world for Emily to have this type of experience with one as wise as this gentleman!!                         

Happy Birthday Felix!!

Welcome to our living room - and not to a factory explosion in the Barbie-wares dept.
Miss Em has of late taken to OVERtaking the majority of walking space in the living area.
I LOVE it.
She sets out all the little dolls, dresses them, places them in spots - behind an Asian folding screen or on a homemade bed we made together from a large sponge, tee shirt material, and a small strip of lacy type material.
Oh. And a button.
Notice the 1970's green suitcase she uses for storage.
Marlene has given her vintage doll furniture which was hers when she was a wee lass.
That was sooooo long ago she could've sold this stuff on e-bay for a huge haul.

Then....there's Uncle Skipper. Mr. Red, White, and Blue Himself. He has a birthday tomorrow - July 5th. Emily made him coupons and we mailed them to him.
One coupon is for "O.F.B." = One Free Burp (without Em nagging him about it all).
I won't even attempt to write about what the other coupon referred to.
Respectable people don't talk about those kind of things.
Good thing we're not respectable; however,
My mother is.
And she'll read this and CROAK.

The birthday boy is now being called Felix per Miss Emily the Great (as in The Odd Couple character, Felix-- the neat, particular one...other uncle, Michael, would be Oscar. The shoes DO fit.). Well "Felix" sent us a military video called Glory Hounds...about dogs in the militia who save lives, become their handlers BFF, and who come home to live great lives.

We have 3 rescued dogs at our house: one with no eyes (Skipper Dee), one that was run over and left at a shelter (Chase), and one rescued from a breeder in CA.
Emily and I got an email from Skipper the other day, and this is his hilarious "take" on the dogs in our household. Read below. It's a hoot.

"Dear Girls -
We may not have Glory Hounds but we have Glorified Hounds.
They raise holy paws to their Creator,
Barking their adoration to the King-Yelp! Yelp! Ruff! Ruff!

They howl their thanksgiving & praises to their Provider,
For the everlasting supply of treats, back & belly rubs & to run wild & free w/ binkies.

They endure the fiery & humid southern summers, as Skipper D, Peanut & Chase
are the Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego of the canine species.

At Christmas they are the Three Wise Pooches searching for baby Jesus,
and at Easter the Three Beloved Critters in Jesus' inner circle.

As servants of the Lord, they greet all w/ holy kisses, cleaning noses of boogies & salty sweat from bodies,

as they serve their Creator, obeying his command to Go Go Git It Git It in all the world!

These are the Glorified Hounds!