Friday, June 15, 2012

Phenobarital with a Peach Yogurt Chaser

Ah...not a coveted combination.
No fear.
It's only for our little dog, Chase. He's had seizures in the past, and this seems to be what the doc recommended.
Or at least the Rx part. I added the creamy delight of yogurt.
You know what good ole Mary Poppins sings, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down...", and for Chase, it is in the most delightful way!

This is sorta the conversation I had with Nanny Carol a few weeks back when she came down to eat with Miss Em and me - and to watch a movie.
It was Friday night, and the swinging-est part of it all was giving the dog his meds.
We are some kind of exciting around these parts.

Of course, there's also been a FREE week of camp at the Children's Museum for Emily.
Her sleepover birthday party at a little friend's house, and
her spending the night with Ayi Marlene and Donna...and Aubrey...being up to all sorts of shenanigans, and
her sleeping over - once again - with KK and her KREW of nuts.
KK sent me text photos of Kerry (20 y/o daughter) and Emily twisting their tongues in the same configurations.
Again - it does not take much to entertain us.

Yes. I was all alone for 3 nights (she was with me during the daytime).
Haven't had that happen since August of 2008 - right before I traveled to China to meet my little slumber party attender extraordinaire.

All this was done to help me out in getting started with my early morning schedule of exercising and teaching summer school to English as 2nd Language kiddos.
1st and 2nd graders.
LOVE them.
Working with them sometimes is like trying to herd cats.

Emily is attending this summer school for 3 weeks - reading lots of books, enjoying centers where conversation and polite language is emphasized, and going on fun field trips.

She's been to the state capital, learned about historic events in our state's past, and frankly....been having the time of her life.

Hearing her talk of The Diary of Ann Frank was a bit enlightening.
She's reading a children's version of the book in her summer school class...along with Curious George and The Mouse and the Motorcycle.
She's already aware of "that bad man" (a.k.a. Hitler) because we've talked about him as she's asked questions from watching The Sound of Music 538 times. She's asked w-h-y Captain Von Trapp escapes with his family to another country. Why doesn't he want to be in the 'new army'?
Some bits of world history are starting to come together for her.

On the adoption topic -
Well, my American documents have done an Elvis.
They've "left the building".
Part are headed to one gov't location and the other part(s) are headed to a different gov't location...all stateside. Isn't that military type term meaning stiill in the USA?
Anyhoo...they'll meet up soon (thanks to the FedEx tracking account charged to my Visa....$$) where decisions will be made.

They've already sent me 2 official forms in the mail (I still tend to go on high alert when mail comes from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.), and one had a HUGE error.
My mistake - done on the computer with a drop down menu.
Clicked my birthdate - the 26th...then I apparently moved the mouse without clicking OFF the drop down menu and ended up with the 27th.
Not good.
Recorded the wrong birthdate.

NOT the kind of error you want to make while completing these highly official, government forms.

All fixed now.
Happy people helped me.

I'm headed to my $805.00 FBI biometric fingerprinting session next week.
Just so happened to have popped a tendon at the joint on my pinky finger. It's in an acrylic splint, wrapped tightly for 6 weeks.
Hope this doesn't interfere. I'll obviously have to remove the little doo hickey splint and politely ask the lady not to press down TOO hard on my finger.
It'll be fine.
Moving along nicely....