Thursday, May 24, 2012

Emily's Note to Nanny Carol

Eating Out with the Family on Mother's Day - Creating Wiki Stix Flower

In the Middle of the Group - Singin' Praises!!

Spend Awhile....On the Nile: Participant in Church Musical

Recent Trip To a Vintage Drug Store

Of Course....we DID HAVE to order fried pickles and fried onion rings. Isn't this just the coolest joint you have EVAH seen? I'm not sure exactly w-h-e-n it was built, but after a long day of state testing in our classrooms....Emily and I went on an excursion to find some fun. This landmark drugstore has old timey toys on display, and you can even buy the types of candy (10cent kind) from back when I was a child...a mere decade or so ago (or 2, or 3, or 4).

All that said and done, the one toy Emily was just itchin' to buy -- guess?
No lie.
No got.
She had plans for her Uncle Skipper on his upcoming visit to town.

Mercy me.
She's a plotter of tricks great little hostess.

My Little Ballerina

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gotta go and read about our friends who are in China NOW meeting their new daughter, Tenley. She was a friend of their 1st adopted daughter, Maryn, when Maryn lived at the Social Welfare Institute in China. Now she's her sister.

Miraculous turns of events continued to fall into place and led Tom and Bec (dad/mom) BACK to the very spot where they had traveled a few years ago - to connect forever with this darling girl who needed a family.

With gazillions of people living in China, that's no small feat.

I liken it to finding a dime that someone has dropped in the Atlantic Ocean.
At night.
From a plane.
At 45,000 ft. in the air.

If you need to stop from the busy-ness of life, from challenges, and ponder the awesome power of a loving Heavenly Father Who can help you orchestrate & overcome any obstacles....then begin following Tom and Bec's story.

Matthew 19:26

New International Version (NIV)
26 Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Friday, May 11, 2012

4 Years Ago This Very Weekend...

Actually it was 4 years ago this day - the Friday before Mother's Day - that I made the final decision to adopt my sweet and silly daughter, Mei Xiaying.

It crosses my mind around this time of year mainly due to the fact that I felt pretty certain back then that over the Mother's Day weekend in 2008, events were lining up to m-a-k-e me the mother of the little girl whose picture was attached to a file - from way over on the other side of the world.

What got me to thinkin' about it all was an email I sent to Sherrie - Samm's mom.

Samm and Miss Emily were adopted at the very same time in China. I was there when she met her son and she was there when I met my my daughter.
Same room.
Same schedule.
Same kinda tears flowing.
Sherrie and I have corresponded a bit as of late -- catching up, and as I was writing her....phwosh. It all came back to me.
Here's how my email went:

"Sherrie -
Ah. The homestudy for Molly is being reviewed this very day at my adoption agency. The Hague requirements have many more specifications. That document alone is apprx. 14 pages long. My last homestudy was about 5. Very detailed now, but really....on my part....none the worse. It seems more writing for the Social Worker and not so much more on the client end (YET).

I've sent documents to the Chinese Consulate in Houston to be authenticated. Already done the local notarization and state certification through the Secretary of State.
It's amazing HOW YOU FORGET all these steps from the first adoption....but then...I have the overall BIG picture and "get it" - whereas new folks to the Int'l Adoption process could easily be overwhelmed (as WE were when we went thru it all). It's an initiation. That's for sure.

I printed Emily's entire blog and have the catalog-ish type book sitting at the house. I've been wanting to do this in the event cyberspace ate it up. Does cyberspace even do that kind of thing? Who cares! I needed to have a hard copy in hand.What a keepsake.

Are you all well? I saw your hometown on the Weather Channel (or the Weather-or-Not-Channel as my brother calls it) -- tornadic activity. Don't want any shingles to fly off that new house of yours.

Have a wonderful Mother's Day. It was this weekend in 2008 that I OFFICIALLY locked Emily's file with Children's Hope International. As a matter of fact, it was Friday morning of that weekend. Just like now.

Wow. It all seemed so "matter of fact" to me, and yet I was so sure.
No trumpets blaring.
No big announcements.
Just making the decision to move forward with a child officially known to the Chinese Center of Adoptive Affairs as MA*** -- to make her my daughter.
It's amazing what happens when you listen to that still, small voice.
Thinking of you, one of the FAVE mothers on the 'who I know' list in life -- remembering I was there when you met your darling Samm for the first time."

It was just a quiet, simple sorta morning where I prayed and then proceeded through life via a route that seemed laid out for me in advance.
A road, however, that had yet to be paved.
An adventure to be shared.

I stand amazed.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Emily is Going to be a Little Sister - It's TRUE!

I've not posted in a month because of a somewhat full "To Do" list, but with Mother's Day's with great honor I'm able to announce -- Emily and I are returning to China to adopt.

Emily will soon have a sister.
A best friend.
A confidante.
One who can share her life story and experience.

Molly, the little Chinese sweetie who turned 11 y/o this past Tuesday, May 1st, is from Inner Mongolia, China. (I know. Go figure. It's the northernmost region of China.) She was born with a club foot/affected leg, but has a heart that will one day have a home.

It's pretty definite we'll name her Molly (such a simple, cute name - one I've always loved)....but there's little more I can say about her. Why? Read on.

I'm working on the paperwork N-O-W, and until the official 'approval' - LSC/Letter Seeking Confirmation - is given by China, mum's the word on info about her to the general population. (It's de law -- per international adoption regs!) That precious document won't be issued until sometime around October/November of this year. At that time, I can post pictures and tell more.

Amazing, huh?

This has been a journey since about last autumn when I was standing in church during the praise and worship time, and tears would just flow down my face. I thought to myself, "Lord? Uhm...are you speaking to me to adopt again? If so, I'm willing...but You'll have to make this loud and clear!" I'm on the upper end of the age limit China allows for singles to adopt. I needed to know that this was His will for me. For us. I knew he'd confirm His plans with peace.

He spoke.

I took action -

...and what a glorious time of expectation and hope has been birthed in our hearts.

Soon I'll give updates, tell about the paperchasing stage of which I'm fully involved, and continue to share the antics of our lives as Emily and I wait once again on the miraculous movements of God.

It's a new season, and we are overwhelmed by His love for us.