Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fan Dancing Em

A Day with the Doc

Ah yes...someone was at the house the other day (a Social Worker), and Emily eventually showed her the Barbie stash. Emily was changing the doll's clothes and proceeded to blurt out, "She's nekkid as a jay bird!" My eyes got as big as saucers since said Social Worker did not know us very well. I proceeded to explain to her that Em's uncles, my dear cultured brothers -- whom I love dearly -- teach her the finer things in life LIKE how to burp and say things such as "nekkid as a jay bird".

Oh yeah.

Brothers are priceless!

When we first came home from China and Em's English was limited to "Guh" and "How Way" (how those Chinese words sounded in English)...I'm tellin' you she walked up behind a rather largely built lady in the Walmart check out line, spread out her dainty little arms to the size of this dear soul's back end, and chirped, "TOO BIG!!"

It boomed louder than, "Blue light special on Aisle 4."

Last week my Little Asian Angel had tubes surgically placed in her ears AGAIN for the 3rd time. Nanny Carol and I got her to the surgery spot on time, I went in the back and stayed with her til time to wheel her off -- reading to her the children's-version-biography of Clara Barton...for entertainment & distraction. Yes. We were almost finished with the book, so it was exciting. (Sacagawea is next....)

After they rolled her off, I went to the waiting room, prayed with mom for a safe procedure, and was getting all comfy and ready to relax for a while. The surgeon called me to a side room, and I thought he was going to tell me what he was going to do, yadda, yadda.

He was done.
It was all over.

I was thrilled for Emily, but I told mom, "Geesh. For $1,088.00 in deductible costs....I was at least hoping to sit in this nice chair, drink a Diet Coke, and relax a bit."

Anyhoo - we are blessed. The procedure went well.
And she wasn't even nekkid as a jay bird under her hospital gown.