Friday, March 23, 2012

Makin' an Oreo Cookie Pie - We Live a Life of VERBS!!

....and what a sweet life it is! (pun intended)

Following written directions
Spending time w/family members
Messing up Nanny Carol's kitchen
Making memories

Emily Weaving at a Textiles Demonstration

Once again, stopping at nothing to learn concepts by hands-on experiences, dear Emily's mother made all efforts to attend this really cool & enlightening event.

Emily and a buddy or two watched sheared sheep's wool (say that 3 times -- quickly) being carded, dyed, and transformed into usable textile materials.

Isn't this the coolest little device/loom - for her to weave for her sweet little self?
She even got her hands full of pottery clay and molded a little bird & watched a wire artist create amazing sculptures.

I'm sure this helps with vocabulary, language, & brain development while presenting really fun family and friend time (not too hard to say 3 times)

Maybe she'll start saying 'chipmunk' instead of 'chickmunk' -- but I might be a little sad when she does. It sounds sooooooooo adorable!!

Read About Our China Friend Getting a BIG Sister

This story is amazing.
I'm privileged to know the details, but they're not all written in the blog postings.
Too much to say.
Almost too hard to believe...but it's true.
The Red Thread has drifted from the U.S. back to China and is wrapping a family in love once again.

Maryn, the darling daughter of Rebecca and Tom, is getting a big sister, AND it's a sweetie pie from the very same place where Maryn herself lived in China.

I love these kind of stories.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Tender Moment

Miss Em and King Puddin'

Look What Friend Janice Made for Miss Em...

Can you believe I have friends who are THIS wonderful?! Seriously.
Janice handmade -- with her own 10 little fingers and extremely smart brain -- this Chinese outfit for Barbie.
She's one of the smartest people I know (I ain't talkin' about the doll), and actually....I know some really smart people.
Go figure.
She's the consummate National Board Certified Teacher and set the example for me to become one, too.

I'm surrounded in life by a plethora of folks who are laugh-able, love-able, and looney most of the time. Janice is one of these folks AND my hero for always advocating for children needing time & opportunities to develop a love for reading and enjoying books. She's also Emily's ESL teacher at school. How fortunate are we? Me oh my - our tax dollars at work, and what a bargain we're getting with her.

Treasures -
Barbie's one of a a kind outfit and Janice....
a one of a kind friend.
We love ya!

Friday, March 9, 2012

This is the DVD That Miss Em Has Been Watching

I am NOT lying.

I reckon I bought this at some dollar store. I only have one dvd. Em watches it and hoots and hollers cuz she thinks it's so funny...and NOT in a mocking sort of way.

She likes the humor.
She likes the eye rolling, goofy grins, and family ties.

I get a kick out of it, too.

The BEST is the end of show commercial where they're loading up an ice chest full of MILK in little cartons and glass containers for the party at the house.

Then...everyone starts doin' The Twist...well, not Ozzie and Harriet/the parents.

Em loves The Dick Van Dyke show, I Love Lucy, and some other very late 1950-ish type programs. Again...that I've bought for nuthin' at some discount place.

We often roll play Barney Fife talking on the phone to his current flame, the never seen waitress at the local diner.
"Juanita....Juanita, Juanita. Lovely, dear Juanita-
from your head down to your feet.
There’s nothing half so sweet-
as Juanita, Juanita, Juanit."

When Andy walks up behind him and startles him....then Barney hangs up the old party line phone and messes up his hair....LAUGHTER GALORE.

I'm thinkin' Green Acres might be on the horizon soon.

The Weight Watcher Leader Asked, "What distorts our perception of food portions?" My response: "Reality!"

Oh My. It's like a stand up comic act-show when I go to WW.
The leader, V, is a kindergarten teacher and a hoot. She says she lives in "V's World...where things are adjusted to her way of perceiving things."

I can relate.

I just had to hum the little ditty: 'i' before 'e' except after 'c' when typing perceiving. Nevermind "niece"....but then again, I don't have any so I don't have to spell it very often. Phew."

Sweet Emily sits in the Weight Watcher meetings with me...usually playing with something in my purse. Last night she was trying to find a satellite view of our house via Google Earth by pushing buttons on the phone - to no avail.
Usually she's looking for gum, but the new handy dandy braces have put the quietus on that.

Speaking of which: I left my purse in the dining room chair.
Uh. Not good.
Chase, the rescue dog, proceeds to tip it over, unwrap all my gum to lick the flavoring off....and then gnaws the rounded portion of my chapstick down to a nub.
I'm surprised he didn't make a long distance call Cuba on the cell phone.
Mercy me...the little buggars are too funny.

Right now: They. Stink.
Time for the Spring-time Bath.
There'll be time for that next week. No school, AND....drum roll....
Emily's Birthday.
Ta Da.
Checks in the amount of $1,000 or more may be directly deposited into my...

We're just gonna do some family things, visit with friends, maybe have some old maids over for dinner one night.
The usual.
I tend to drag these type celebrations out for a week.
Honestly, why not celebrate the 9 months of gestational time as "birthday in the making time", too?

Emily's doing well in life.
Adjusting. Loving. Learning.
I keep a notebook of her Chinglish comments....the mixing of English and Chinese; however, I'm writing less and less in it these days cuz she's tapering off on her cutsie little phrases/comments. Here are some recent examples:
- stample the papers - for staple the papers
-hard, hard time saying flamingo
-singing "Oh Happy Day, Oh Happy Day. You washed my f-a-c-e away." - instead of You washed my sins away. (too funny)
-saying, "I wish the dogs would clean up before themselves." - instead of after themselves
-reading her devotional and saying, "Jesus is food for the heart and s-o-i-l." - instead of heart and soul
-telling Nanny Carol she's not "candy happed" - instead of handicapped :)
-totter tots for tater tots
-Hollywood for Holland (in a story about Pilgrims going to Holland first)
-at bedtime she said if she played with a doll while I read to her, she'd be more "alurk" - for alert

These are just a few of her little, adorable mis-slips of the tongue.
She made a slap 100 on her district 9 weeks test, though.
She works so hard.
I'm so proud of her courage and tenacity.
Happy Birthday Sweetie!!