Friday, February 24, 2012

Ponytail Profile...with New Haircut

...and Barbie house from Mrs. Janice -- her ELL teacher -- in the background.

The Artist at Work - Self Portrait on a Fisher Price Drawing Board

Beauty and Not the Beast

Friday, February 10, 2012

Randon Photos from Last Year's Party

No time to type.
Many things to do.
Just puttin' out a few pics from last year -- cutie pie girls and few darling boys thrown in.

Tag on Her Door

At one point in the past there was a sticky note that also said,
"No boys. No dogs."

Girls on the Floor

...and me in the background trying to GET UP off the floor.
I actually choose to sit on the hard, cold concrete so I can continually practice getting up.

I didn't even give the little party go-ers nice chairs. Just sprawled out with coloring pictures and bookmark-makin' supplies.

I go all out, huh?

Friday, February 3, 2012

If you look closely, you MIGHT see braces on Miss Em's top set of teeth.
The silver train has arrived on the tracks.
All is going well. She's working on being a good little flosser.

She and buddy Anna -- doodied up with Chinese-ish-y hair styles and Asian outfits paired together at a recent Chinese New Year event.

Just this moment Emily brought me a handmade lantern for the kiddos in her class to make on Monday - Lantern Festival. I think it's the official culmination of all CNY events.

Speaking of taxes....kidding.
I've already gathered my required tax info, personally delivered it all to "Luther's Tax and Bar-b-Q" service, and it's been submitted electronically.
Amazing grace!!

Good friend Steve (and the wifey -- both prominent gov't employees) is Luther himself (and NO...there's no such service with this name...all a joke!) -- anyhoo -- Steve and I have been emailing back and forth discussing said taxes.
On one email he asked if I had the same checking account number as last year.
I replied:
"Yes. Same checking account.
My Swiss ones are still out of sight.
Maybe I best not joke around with the Fed. Gov't, huh?"

His reply, "Those government workers can be a humorless bunch."


Happy Year of the Dragon!