Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lego Friends for Christmas - The Veterinarian's Shindig

This year - as a family - we pretty much decided to follow this principle of "giving/getting" for Emily.
Something you want.
Something you need.
Something to wear.
Something to read.

Like I keep saying, "It's not OUR birthday!"
Mercy me. Emily has soooo much stuff that's been given to her over the years.
I read - via blog trolling - where other moms were wanting to keep a watch over the getting, getting, getting, and I LOVE this little mantra written above.

Want - She got the Lego Friends Vet Clinic...all 343 pieces the size of your thumbnail or smaller.
Need - She got awinter coat for China trip.
Wear - She found Under Armour top/leggings to keep her warm in China - waiting for her under the tree.
Read - She's shopped twice and not found THE book she wants yet....but she'll find one.

The extended family members each gave her a 3DS game cartridge - again - for her trip to China...and to play with while holed up in a hotel room - with her new sister - in Inner Mongolia where the temp averages 0-15 degrees this time of year.
Emily saved her money and paid for the 3DS device - all by herself.
She only plays with it 1 hour on Fri., Sat., & Sun.
She's had it for several months, and it's NOT been a big deal to monitor.

Miss Em, of course, rec'd other wonderful gifts from friends of the family,
she was content and happy --
grew in the understanding that
it's not about the presents.

Each and every day is a gift.
We are to be present -
for the Lord,
our family,
our friends,
and for those we are to impact
along life's way.

The Kansas Klan - Dick, Samm, and Sweet Sherrie

2012 Christmas Card Photo and The STASH of Gifts from Dear Friends in Kansas

Samm (Dick & Sherrie) - Your card will be in the mail soon. We were needing to get our hands on your new address. Yikes. It will be placed in the address book!!!!

Thank you, sweetie pie, for the wonderful box of goodies you, mom, and dad sent to us. We placed your little photo on our Christmas tree and smiled each time we saw it, and your Christmas card picture is front and center on a desk in the living room. Emily loves the "sister" necklaces....and caramel popcorn (the best). I'm lovin' the cheese popcorn and beautiful mother/daughter necklace; however, I was dippin' strongly into the red hot flavored popcorn last night. Yummmmy - pink sauce and white chocolate party mix.

Nanny Carol felt so special to be included in the BIG box of happies you sent our way. Please thank your mom and dad for us. We love you all so very much. Miss Vicki and Emily

Miss Emily and Chase - 1 of 3 Rescue Dogs We Have

Emily Feeding Peanuts to a Squirrel

....and it's not a strange squirrel. It comes around EVERY morning and afternoon to eat peanuts from the front porch - and sometimes hands - of the folks who supply the nuts.
That little fuzzy fella was adorable taking the peanuts, eating them close by, and amusing us all.
Fun experience - for sure!

Uhm....White Christmas for Sure....Sand Instead of Snow

Em and the ole uncles on the beach -
Isn't the sunset beautiful?
Yes. She is barefooted in freezing cold water.
Yes. I took my shoes and socks off, too, when she asked me to play in the surf. (I'm a firm believer that a parent needs to be the BEST play buddy with their child. How often do we overlook the opportunities to be one?)

After about 45 seconds in the lovely, clear, cold, water -- with manta rays swimming closely in view (awesome) - I told my brothers that my feet were just fine. They were numb. I was good to continue on.

I figured having my feet in icy water and walking in the sand/thru the sand was very therapeutic for me.
I put ice packs on them to help with some tendon issues I face.
Why not cover them whole hog in a wonderful setting with dear people.

The brothers were precious and quite entertaining over the weekend.
As Emily says, they were "hunky dunky" - a little phrase from the movie Christmas in Connecticut...a black and white one that we watched while sharing the holidays with 'the boys'.

It was delightful.

Friday, December 21, 2012

About a Year Ago....

That far back.

Actually a little over a year ago as I was feeling the "prompting" that adopting Guo Yang (a.k.a. Molly) might a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y be-coming reality, I was talkin' to the Lord.

I reminded him how old I was.
He knew already.
I reminded him how much I make as a schoolteacher.
He knew that, already, too.
He's pretty sharp, huh?

Uh hum.
...and as I was headed into church that Sunday morning, I just sorta jokingly told the Lord, "Ya know, Lord, IF this is something you want me to do AGAIN...I will. I'm in. Game on...but I need you to make it REAL clear to me. I jokingly said, 'You have the preacher say something about Inner Mongolia during his message today. Sorta like a sign.' Then I chuckled. I don't really believe in signs. I believe in listening to the still, small voice inside - the one that - WHO - says, 'This is the way. Walk ye in it.' "

You know what happened?
The preacher did not say Inner Mongolia in his message.
I never gave it a 2nd thought after I snickered and thought about it out loud - earlier in the morning - in jest to the Lord.

That evening Emily and I went with Nanny Carol to the Missions Week activities at her church.
We, of course, went to hear the missionaries to China.
To Haiti.
To Egypt.
To Russia.

While sitting and listening to the missionary from Russia talk about some of their recent ventures and where they are located, the woman said, "Nobody really knows exactly where our outposts are located."
She pointed at a map.
Next she said, "We're here in southern Russia - right above Mongolia."

I just kinda thought, "Well. Looks like Emily is getting a sister!"

Did I expect any reference to Mongolia and/or Inner Mongolia?
Was I surprised?
Not really.
It had all the wink of an inside joke from God.

Did I make my decision based on this happening?
Once again, no.
It's just an amusing little story (to me) of how the Lord has made His presence known to me.
That and how the guest minister at my church - whom we'd never met before or since - told my mother he wasn't sure if it was him or the Lord, but he felt God was going to add another grandchild to her family.

That and the $3,000 we made at a yard sale - with thanks to Marlene, Jean, and other good buddies who donated items.
Or the check I rec'd in the mail from Melzana - William's precious mom. I taught William in elementary school. He's in medical school now.
Possibly the check from longtime friends of our family - Georgia and Ben.
Donna's load of precious clothes for "the girls".
Rina's box in the mail - full of darling clothes.
Or my dear friend, Cindy, hoping/attempting to donate her frequent flyer miles and/or amex points to help pay for our flights.
Janice's beautiful quilt on Molly's bed.
Mr. Bill's Sunday School class donating money for the adoption.
Mrs. Jean's Sunday School class doing the very same thing.
Donnie and Gwen giving me an antique bed for Miss Molly to sleep in.
And one sweet stranger's 5.00 bill tucked away in a card.
I am humbled and honored.

We're to be led by the Holy Spirit, and we are.
It's just kinda cool to see how the Lord 'shows out' for His children.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Place Called Simplicity

I love these people.
They're real.

Look at what they're doing to help others bring their adopted children "home".

Oh My...We LOVED this book...

This is the story - claimed to be based on facts - of how the song Jingle Bells came to be. The man at the piano (on cover) was a Minister of Music at a small church in Savannah, Georgia back around the time of the Civil War. His congregation embraced emancipation of slaves and often suffered from the backlashes thereof (bricks through the windows). Anyhoo -- it's a wonderful story. Below is the historical marker in Savannah that tells a bit about how the story came to be. Emily and I loved reading this book.

At GA's Awards Night = Girl's Auxillary (missions group for little ladies in wating)
At vintage drug store
Emily and Good Buddy Anna

Monday, December 17, 2012

A Day of Joining Together in Fasting and Prayer

The blog link below is about a family who is simply amazing, but she is encouraging folks to fast and pray on Tuesday, Dec. 18th.
Just an FYI in the event your heart is turned in that direction.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Molly and the Cake I Sent To Her via Blessed Kids Services

Bless Their Little Hearts...Could You Cry?

Looks Like a Room Where Physical Therapy Takes Place

E-GADs! Brain Drain....Typos and Other Errors

Although I seem to be functioning in my fairly normal "World of Vicki", the products of my actions might be evidence otherwise.

I nearly croaked when I went back and read the Update on Miss Molly post. I had so many typographical errors: me for met, the for them. Ick. I hate not catching typos, and these are the kind that spellcheck did not catch b/c my misprints are technically words. (I'm going to edit that post in just a moment and hopefully make it right. Fingers crossed.)
I had a typo in the heading of THIS post.

The reason: The same reason I drove down the wrong road Sunday -- headed to a Christmas function at church. It dawned on me I had no idea where I was headed. I turned around and got back on the right track.
The same reason I faxed papers to my own self - the fax number I was dialing from - instead of to the one for the intended recipient.

The same reason I started the bathwater in the tub only to return to the bathroom 30 minutes later and find water 1" deep all over the bathroom, my bedroom, headed down the hall to other rooms....water that is traveling across the floor from which I'd JUST picked up Molly's entire batch of adoption papers. The 14 inch high stack.
The floor on which Emily's photo albums from her adoption/China trip were sitting snugly in a little green container. The water was absorbed into the container; however, it didn't get to the 3 photo albums. Phew.

The same reason...well. You get the point.

I call it "A Brain Too Full".
I'm collaborating with various folks on two sides of the world, translating, inquiring, requesting, submitting, preparing, paying, buying, negotiating...

And crying.

Some tears are happy tears.
Others are for close friends who've had significant losses in their lives -- in just the last few days/weeks.
Marlene and Donna's sweet fur babies - Mikey and Maggie - precious, silly, sibling puppy dogs.
Maggie moved to heaven early Saturday morning - sleeping across Donna's chest.
Mikey moved to heaven the next morning.
Totally unrelated health issues - but the timing was so unbelievable.

Marlene and Donna are incredibly special to us.
Emily thinks they're nuts. They are.
And they're in our hearts and prayers.

Well, I must go correct previous psot, uhm...pots....uhm post!!
I've edited this post about 10 times already.

Thanks for all the sweet, sweet emails. I'm reading the kind words and well wishes.
Molly will be surrounded by people who love her dearly.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update on Miss Molly....

Well, checked the ole email last night before going to bed...and badda bing, badda boom.
Updated info and pics.

I'll post these for now. The information noted that Molly likes to "sing and play the piano".
Who da thought?
Seems those are real piano lesson-type books in front of her and atop the piano, so....who knows.
We shall see.
This might mean she merely plays around on it for fun....or....?
As I said, we shall see.

She does know she is being adopted, and the current replies are that she is excited to meet "mommy and sister". Again, sometimes SWI officials tend to prompt kids to say certain things....but...this is what is being told to me, and it's amazing. Actually I transferred most of the Chinese document into Google Translate and read it for myself, but I am having it officially translated by a service. The workers, in their writing, seem VERY personable and genuine in how they phrased answers to questions. They ended their writing with the comment that they'd have Molly write a letter to her new family.

Up until about Nov. 25th, she had no idea I was coming.
Well, I don't think she did. The gov't officials might have conveyed info to the SWI.
Possibly she did, but the day Blessed Kids personally contacted the Social Welfare Institute, we KNOW she was in the loop then.

It's still almost surreal. Hard to imagine the reality of it all, but then again...I reckon you just have to experience the miracle of the moment before you can truly wrap your mind around the 'real-ness'.

Information states she's more on the timid side in personality and a tad introverted. This description lines up with what info I already had on her.
That's fine.

Speaking of 'timid' --- Emily was talking about acting or being in plays and said that if she did -- her comment - about her own self was -
"I'd have to come out of my shell."

Emily is not really a SHY girl in a shell...but she's more quiet than rambunctious SOME of the time.
NOT all the any means. Just ask Nanny Carol, Skipper, and Michael.
Ask Ann H. She says Emily is "engaging". She's just the sweet kind of person to say such a thing.

So - the sisters will have a lot in common personality-wise.

Gotta run for now, but I did want to put this up for a few folks who have been asking.
Still no news on travel. I've gotta hunch it'll be mid-January and before Chinese New Year.
Mercy me. The entire CONTINENT shuts down for about 2 weeks for Chinese New Year.

Enjoy the pics of sweet Molly.

Molly and One of Her Friends at the Social Welfare Institute

The Panda Bear I Sent to Her

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Painting Bamboo Pictures - at Cultural School

Emily at Mike Night - Reading a Poem She Wrote at School
Peacock Dancing at Cultural School - It was a GREAT day with friends.
We invited some of our Chinese friends - from a local university - to come to the church Christmas musical.

Out and About Looking at Christmas Lights...

and listening to one of my 2 favorite Andys - Andy Williams. My other is Andy Griffith. I canNOT believe that they both have moved on to heaven.

Them and the mouse I had to dispose of at KK's house today.
KK = fellow teacher, good buddy, travel mate when I head to China (along with Emily and Kourtney -- KK's 25-ish-y y/o daughter)
Seems a little rodent has been tantalizing her two human-like dogs.

How human? I was told that Lucy - the girl German Shepherd - had her feelings hurt and would not come inside Friday because Emily spent Wednesday night in HER...Lucy's...bedroom at their house.


These are dogs who (not "that" - WHO) ring bells on the back door to alert folks they need to go outside and do their business. Joey, the other German Shepherd, stands up on KK's bike/bicycle seat on the patio and looks into the dining room. Probably waiting for Judge Judy to come on. He's as big as an ox, and although KK and I have been personally funding Weight Watchers building programs for the last few years, her behind sits on a bike seat that is NOT big enough for a German Shepherd to stand on.

Back to Ralph, the newly departed mouse (a.k.a. Mouse and the Motorcycle main character and book on Emily's summer reading list)
He'd been running around in the backyard for about 4 months but had the terrible misfortune of falling into the dogs' water container - a 5 gallon Kikkoman soy sauce bucket. He didn't stand a chance. Glub. Glub.

The story goes -- everyone in the house 'screamed like a pansy' (per Kourtney) when they realized the mouse had drowned in the water bucket. No one in this family is stouthearted when it comes to critters with long, naked tails.

I had two white rats for pets in my classroom years ago: Scooter and Smokey.
KK said IF it ever crossed my mind to get more, she'd quit.
We teach in the same classroom. The fun never ends.

I went to the House of Chickens today, poured out all the water from the bucket - oh - in the street. Heaven forbid I pour rodent water on the grass in their yard. They couldn't stand it. One of them had managed to get a lid on the bucket so I didn't have to stare at the poor little angel, and Kourtney did actually bring the bucket to the driveway.

I then placed the entire bucket - Ralph and all - in a trash bag, tied it up, and put it on the front floor board of my car. I brought it to MY house to set out with MY trash - which will be picked up Tuesday. Emily sat in the backseat eating chicken nuggets all the way home. We are some TOUGH girls in my family.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Ladybug's Are Landin'....

...and surely Emily's fingers are made for s-o-m-e musical instrument: pluckin', playin'.

She's taking violin right now. Love it. We're hoping to move past the "cat scratchin' on a metal roof' phase" real soon.

We're still waiting.
Waiting to hear what our next step is in our quest to bring Miss Molly home.

From what info I've been given, Molly has rec'd a cake, a hat (It's FREEZING where she lives.), and a stuffed Panda bear - items I sent via a delivery service based out of China and the U.S. She has seen photos of her new family...and it looks like the ball is rolling along nicely.

Something tells me it's fixin' to pick up steam, though.

The room is now set up with Molly's bed. Emily asked me to sleep in it 2x this week.
I did.
It's really comfy...a fun room.
Thanks for all your inquiries, emails, and text messages, personal checks made out to....

We appreciate your prayers.

Photos from the Fourth Grade - Yes. That's a Ladybug...

...on Emily's thumb, no less.
Anna's mom sent this to me - and waxed reflective of how ladybugs are significant in the culture of Chinese adoption.


Isn't Jane a doll to send these photos to me?

Friday, November 30, 2012

The Artist at Work - On a Dry Erase Board Snagged from a Garage Sale

Fun Art Class with Kayla - and We Ran Into Leigh and Ethan While There

Substitute Bell Ringer with Some Special Friends

We were at a holiday function recently with our Special Friends, and we were 1 ringer short - in the Bell Choir. Emily had the honor of filling in for sweet Angie. She's standing here between Jeff and Savannah.

Does Emily know how to play a handbell?

But the precious director would point at Emily when it was time to ring her darling little handbell.
It was angelic - if I do say so myself.

Her Uncle Skipper, on the other hand, took the liberty to call her "a little ding a-ling" all during Thanksgiving dinner.
Oh brother.
Oh brother.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

They're Not Really Asleep...

Em and Santa - exposed!

Back in 2008 - Emily's 1st Christmas - she had her picture taken with "Santa Claus". Well...this IS the man who was playing Santa. They were together recently at an event, met up, and I had to take a pic of them together - teasing and all.
Maybe I can take a photo of the 2008 photo and get it on here. I'm such a goober.

Whoop. Der it is.
The Darling Duo above in 2008 Christmas photo.

Em and Miss Donna - The Dixie Darling

Yes. That IS a cowboy hat but you can't see the rebel flag on it...blinged up a bit.
Fake glasses, too.
We had the FUN time of going to see Donna in a play recently. Mercy me. The one liners were out the door.
Donna's fave quote was,
"That scared me so bad - the hair on the back of my legs stood up."
I hooted at, "If you ask him 'A penny for his thoughts''ll get back change."
I won't write about the part where the girl said she didn't care if it 'constipated the governor..."
My mother will croak.
She's croakin' now.

"Snappy New Day"

by Fred Rogers

“None of us gets to be competent, mature people without the help of others. .. people who have loved us all along the way. I’d like to give you a minute to think of those who have believed in you…those who have helped you live your life knowing what was good and remember those who have cared about us through our our being who we are right now. Whomever you’ve been thinking about, whether they’re here or far away or even in heaven, imagine how pleased they’d be to know that you recognize what a difference they’ve made in your becoming.”


Monday, November 12, 2012

Molly's Soon-to-Be Visa Photo - It's Not a Current Photo

  ....but isn't she precious?!
I think she would've been about 7-ish years old.
I think this picture is from 2008.

I've been on the phone with the adoption agency going over the discussion that THIS is the original photo on Molly's file and THE one that must be used for U.S. Department of State Application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration form. Can you say, "That's a MOUTHFUL!!"

There are the 2 pages of Biographic Data to submit (never heard the word 'biographic') and the 2 pages associated with the Sworn Statement.

Oh. The. Joy. What exactly am I swearing to?
My mother told me not to swear?!

A few dates are mentioned in Miss Molly's file...some significant ones when reports were written, when file was created, when medical examinations were like these.

I could NOT help but notice that on one of the two Examination Reports from District Hospital that Molly was admitted on May 19, 2006. The little angel had some procedures carried out on her leg.
Hmmmm. Can you imagine being operated on without having a mommy there to turn you over to the nurses? To be there when you wake up from anesthesia?
Who sat with her in the hospital while she recovered? Got her ice to suck on ? Assured her she'd be feeling better soon?

That day is the day my first China dossier was logged in with the Chinese gov't. - the dossier that eventually led me to Emily.
I realize it is likely only a coincidence....but really? May 19, 2006 - the date I've said (200 times) "lives forever in history" because of the impact it had on my life and the life of Emily.
Now it seems to be of utmost importance for other reasons.

On Molly's file, the Chinese version AND translated English version, the LAST statement reads:
"She will be a pupil in "Inner Mongolian" school on Sept. 1, 2008."
That's the day I was in China and met Emily.

Yes. I know it's a stretch to link all this together, but these 2 dates are noted with importance in Molly's file, but they've already been KEY dates in my life and Emily's.
I'm just sayin'......

Hmmmm......Red Threads.....??
I'm thinkin' yeah!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blessings of the Season

This picture was taken at a b'day party that we attended for one of our precious friends who was born with Down's. She about 4 feet tall and has a grin as wide as the Mississippi River. She is sunshine bundled up and walking amongst us. Marlene got to attend this gathering, too. Aren't these precious decorations. Somehow between the 2 adults - that would be Mar and me - in attempting to keep wax from spilling on the tablecloth -------- we spilled candle wax on the lovely tablecloth. Oops.

The party -- DJ, music, tons of food, great b'day cake, lovely location -- was held at the Catholic Church where the b'day girl works.
I told the Presbyterians at my table, "These folks know how to have fun. We should've ALL been Catholic."

Went to the mailbox this week to find my I-797 US Gov't form had arrived.
I did what any prospective adoptive parent would do. I scratched my head and thought to myself,
"Ok. What next?!"
Well...that's every other adoptive parent but Forest and Robin. Geesh. They know it all - forward and backward. Then again, they're adopting child #4 -- a darling baby boy -- to go along with their 3 grown bio boys and 3 darling daughters from China. They've been helping me get photos onto the computer so I can order them, put some in a Shutterfly book, and call 2012 thus far in photos...DONE!!
I love this family and am so thrilled to call them friends.

I best tie up any loose strings in life ASAP b/c it appears we'll be headed to China sometime around January - hopefully after the Christmas airline prices go down.

I emailed my adoption agency and asked them about my I-800 - stating that some people have alluded to it being the same as another form.
They told me the I-797 IS the same document as the I-800 and now I have to submit the DS-230/240 (can't remember right this second) and to find all the important papers on the LSC listing.

Can you imagine H-O-W complicated all these codes, initials, acronyms, etc. can be? In reality, however, the agency does walk me through it all. It's like doing your taxes over and over and over again with a kindergarten teaching holding your hand and helping you.

Molly's Care Package is being sent, contacts in China are working to get information, and sometime soon on the other side of the world a little girl is going to learn that she is leaving all she has ever known and going forward into a family.

I covet your prayers for her...for Emily...and our family as we undertake this tremendous opportunity made available by the Lord. We are honored and humbled.

Hayride - Glow Sticks and Gleaming Stars

Gift for A Soon to be Born - Little Boy

Em and I had the honor of attending a little baby shower for a girl I worked with in the past. We managed to squeeze this in along with the other 593 events on tap for that day. Ended up at an LSU...uhm...uhm...Alabama football game party at said "Lisa's" house. This is where I note that my darling child ate crab dip, a bite of catfish, and ---- drumroll -- alligator.
Oh no.
Not me.
I am not a picky eater by any means, but I just don't eat meats of various types. I'm sorta just a 'chicken' girl - and even then...feel a bit guilty.
 I play it safe in that department.
We got into a funny Bible discussion of what animals should/should not be eaten...based on scripture.
Something was said about critters w/eyes on the sides of their head vs front.
(I cannot bear the thought of eating 'critters'.)
I said, "Well - what about potatoes? They have lots of eyes."
Discussion ended.

Emily, Nanny Carol, and I sat around and hoo-ed and haaa-ed with some of the most hilarious folks.
Inside tailgate-ing-type party 101.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Artwork in Hand - Pumpkin Painted on Packing Bubbles

Looking for opportunities to be creative in the every day world of "things" around us. I mean....packing bubble material that was headed for the trash can is now the cutest little fall display of art.

Peace, Love, and Candy Corn

That's what Emily's shirt says.
She's at Cultural School practicing The Peacock Dance - a lovely Chinese tradition.

Pile of Paperwork for Adoption

The little mommy/baby doll is one I bought in China when I adopted Emily.

How Proud Am I to See that Emily Has Drawn This? Very!

New Way to Bob for Apples - Hang Em from a String

My Brother Told Me I Needed to RAKE My Dining Room Floor

...and that was leaning toward complimentary.
I've said this before, but a friend of mine's husband blurted out once,
"We have tile floors. The kids track in dirt.
If we had dirt floors, the kids would track in tile."

Amen and don't cha just love it!?
Seems the puppers at our house are bringing in all the leaves in backyard -
by the dozens.
Great, natural autumn decor!

We're in the waiting stage for the next round of papers to be completed for Miss Molly's adoption.
I like waiting.
It means I don't have to do anything.

Let's see - my agency has forwarded questions to China to get an update on sweet tall, how much does she weigh, (Interpret: What size clothes will I need to take with me to China?) what does she like/not like, who is she close to (friends and nannies), etc.
I'm also in the process of sending a care package to Molly at the SWI (Social Welfare Institute) via an adoption friendly organization based in the U.S. with workers in China. I'm ordering a pink heart cake, a little panda bear stuffed toy (I'm limited to 'packages' that the organization has to offer.), a small camera for folks to take pics. I'm having a few other questions asked/ pics sent of her soon to be family - that would be us. You can look at the organizations website at: Folks in the adoption world have used this company for years. They're very kind, reliable, and 'make things happen'.

Other than that, Emily and I are enjoying the wonderful fall weather - going to fun events and spending time with friends and family. Emily has taken to bringing a little portable key board in the car on Wednesday evenings when we go to church. She's getting Nanny Carol to show her how to peck out little songs like Jesus Loves Me or Mary Had a Little Lamb. (As Emily asked a few weeks ago, "What's the song...a, la, la...?" With her having not grown up here in America for her early years, I've still worked hard to expose her to nursery rhymes and classic poems that younger children raised in the U.S. would possibly know.)

As she and Nanny Carol are passing the key board from the front seat to the back and then front/back/front/back...all while I'm going 60mph on the Interstate in 5:00 traffic, Emily was singing the song, "....whose fleas were white as snow."
Another learning moment of fun, love, and frivolity.
We are blessed.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saddle Sittin' - But the Horse was Tired

We all gathered with our 'special' friends at an event w-a-a-a-y out in the country. Kayla is really comfortable with the buddies we took out there, and she joined us for the outing. Talk about good food, good friends, and the scenery was absolutely incredible.

We've Fed Ex'd a boatload of documents to the official 'lock box' in Texas where it'll be looked over, evaluated, and who knows what else. I actually had to wait a few weeks to even send these papers because of having to locate the address of the Social Welfare Institute (orphanage) in Inner Mongolia where sweet Miss Molly is living. My adoption agency had to track it down, but the entire country was on a one week national holiday and we had to w-a-i-t for the information. I just laughed as I was typing up the was a form for a form for a form with a supplemental form attached - preceding the next form that will be applied for. THANK HEAVENS my agency GIVES me a copy of the completed papers (example with fake names) and says, "Here honey. Fill in the blanks but put your name on the lines."

I LOVE it when people are that specific - that helpful.
My adoption agency IS!!

So, here we are in autumn. No secret that it is my absolutely favorite time of year.
But it's here, and Emily and I...and Nanny Carol...are enjoying each and every day.
We love it when our family and friends can join us for the riches of the season.

Our prayer list has been a bit full these days - precious friends who've moved to heaven.
Even Nanny Carol's Sister, my Aunt Topsy - Em's Great Aunt, has gone home to be with the Lord.
We LOVE Aunt Topsy!

Celebration ceremonies.
Confidence that we will see them again.

Joy unspeakable and full of glory!

Autumn Girls