Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Amen, Sista!

Cartoon Captions:
"I have an even smaller wireless device that gives me access to thousands of books and movies.
It's a library card."

Brilliant Doctor Jane (Ed.D) and I have common views about children and technology, cell phones, and t.v. -- sort of along the line that they're "tools not toys".

I'm not one to preach against something.
I'd rather sing the praises of other things in life.
You know. Stay positive.

I'm not against these things by any means -- I just have opinions in how they should be managed with my own child (as with all things, right?).

Kinda like fire: absolutely useful, can be dangerous, necessary at some times, prohibited at other times, lifesaving, but in need of careful monitoring so as not to harm

Yes. In today's world we're definitely the "odd ones out"...but such is life. Considering Dr. Jane and I both love to watch Lawrence Welk & Andy Williams -- enough said.

She sent this little funny cartoon to me this morning.

I'm telling you...VERY few of my students even h-a-v-e a library card these days, but the ones who do -------- guess what?
They, at times - not always, outshine their peers in vocabulary usage, knowledge of historical events, etc. When I question how they know that particular concept, it's usually been gleaned from a book or specific classic movie they've watched at home.
(I know. Families/kids might have a Kindle or a Nook and access even MORE literature from their homes. I totally understand.)

One time a student...a little fella "from the hood" knew the answer to this puzzler when NO one else had a clue:
"______ -- a drink with jam and bread..."
Tea. It's from a song in The Sound of Music.
He told me he loved to watch that movie with his grandmother.
I'd like to join them.

Coincidental? Probably.
Or Circumstantial in that if families value library cards for kiddos, library books and all those wonderful opportunities books provide, THEN there is likely a whole family lifestyle that bring experiences for developing vocabulary and learning history.

And no. You don't HAVE to have a library card to bring these learning opportunities to children.

I wouldn't write a dissertation on these connections (today); however, I might ponder it and do it in the future.

Read on (in any format that works best for you)!!!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jesus! And no. You don't need stronger glasses. The photo is just blurry.

It's been a wonderful time...a wonderful season.
Somewhat Mattel-ish... but delightful all the way.

Family is here.
Friends have stopped by.
This stash of goodies on the table at Nanny Carol's is ONLY from Donna Sue & Marlene.

We've gone to visit some friends who are kissin' cousins to Amish folks. They live a simple life, are quiet, beautiful people. I cannot figure out for the world why they love me like they do.
What a joy to spend the afternoon with them. They live out of town, but even the travel to and fro was memorable. Emily and her buddy, Myah, dressed Barbies 60 miles each direction.
I sat in the front by myself and Perry Como-ed to and fro 'way out in the country where this family drives a tractor'.
Ahhhhh...that smooth voice and a Coke Zero do a lot to soothe a soul.

Nanny Carol, aka The Casserole Queen, and I divided and conquered all the dishes served today. Yummy.

All that to say: It was just a SMALL fire. Small.
Ok. I get it. Do NOT broil marshmallows
on the top shelf of the oven
on high setting
on the sweet potato casserole.
Lesson learned.

That happened at my house. When I went back home later to feed the puppers, I distinctly noticed the "campfire smell effect". Nothing that an open kitchen window and 35 degrees of cold air couldn't fix.

Emily was blessed abundantly with Barbie stuff galore:
Ken and Barbie getting married
Some outifits (but as I told the checkout lady at Target a few weeks back, "Barbie's dressin' kinda trashy these days, huh?")
Ken clothes
And as Uncle Michael calls the Barbies that do not move/flex at the knees: "Rigamortis Barbie"

I'm washing the dishes while mom and Emily go over all the treasures she rec'd today when mom looks over at me and mouths, "Where's the little Barbie car?"
I mouthed back with eyes gazing wide, "In the attic!"

I move cars from the garage.
Climb attic stairs and bring in the forgotten ride in a box too big for the $16.95 Glam Convertible.

Squeals once again.

All that aside, it's a blessed day to remember the birth of our Savior, our Healer, our Provider, our Deliverer, our Peace.
We love you, Jesus!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Mixin' Up a Sweet Tater Casserole

That's our little southern Guangdong/US girl!

Em wrote on her hand:
"I love Vicki and Carol...then the boys."
(mom, grandmom, rest of male members of the family)

I thought it was funny!