Monday, January 31, 2011

Makin' a Rattlesnake from an Old Neck Tie

You even take an old film canister (mercy...IF you can find one!) and put dried beans in it. That gets sewn into the tail section and makes the creative critter have actual sound effects. I LOVE anything that's hands-on, stitchin', creating, measuring, thinking, having fun!!
I would say the neck tie came from an old boyfriend, but the last boyfriend I had was in diapers, toddling around the nursery at church.
I often tell folks, "I ain't had a date since Jimmy Carter was president!"
As Jane Austen said in Sense and Sensibility:
"Ahhh. I'm flower that's lost its bloom!"
Then again. There's always Miracle Grow.

Em and "M"...Having a Bonding Moment

This is our buddy, "M". She's a hoot. She just arbitrarily walks up to us every now and then and gives us the coooooooool-est gifts.
"For real" as Emily says often.

Usually M is just cleaning out her closet and gettin' rid of stuff, but she's such a blessing.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ayi Christy and Emily

This is Christy...the good buddy who traveled with me to China. She's Marlene's niece, dependable friend, and traveler extraordinaire. When she's not selflessly giving up her time and paychecks to travel on mission trips (mostly to South America), she's helping others, snapping photos, or living life to the max.
Christy is one of the most modest folks I've ever met in my life. She and her tennis partner were the NATIONAL doubles tennis champs (at her level...3.0, 3.5? Can't remember...but it's the "whoop up level".) back several years ago. Golly. You'd never know she was a big time "champ" because she doesn't bring it up much. Heck. I play/played tennis and would jump around in glee if I returned the ball and actually kept it on the court. She, on the other hand, would practice with me, encourage me, and just be her general humble self. It made me realize how truly transparent, honest, and kind she is.
She traveled with me to China and was there for the FIRST moments, hours, days, (2 WEEKS!!) I shared with my daughter. She documented the trip with short videos and gobs of photos. These are treasures I now have. I'm so her and for her.
Christy doesn't live close to us; however, she manages to fly herself down here every now and then and grace us with her laughter, talents, and friendship. We can only pray she'll come back soon to spend some quality time and allow us to experience her goodness and all 'round special-ness.
Her father has just passed away so these are challenging days for her. Often she spoke of him and his mother/her grandmother whom she dearly loved. Say a prayer for Christy...that her heart will be filled with the meaningful memories of her dad as she continues on her journey in life.
We luv ya!

My Cat NEVER sits on the Table Where We Eat.

Noooooo. Of course not.
Can you see what our 'eatin' off of' table looks like much of the time? Spelling words, math rods, a flat little hands-on clock...& the cat's behind.
Welcome to our world!