Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a Post "Now or Never" Moment

Summer's been coming at me and going by with wonderful memories galore. I decided that before I left town for a trip to visit the relatives, I might better put up a few pics to give a visual snapshot of what we've been doing.

Summer has always spelled "freedom" to me.

Maybe because I'm a teacher.

Maybe because there are fewer responsibilities.

I'm not sure, but for whatever reason I enjoy it bunches. are some photos of the past several weeks. Miss Em is growing, changing, learning, loving, experiencing, and becoming.....

What fun we're having.

Posing at a Pre-Civil War Spot in a Building...

Well....we THINK these bricks might be pre-civil war.

We were at a wedding reception for a precious couple.

Ah. The history of the building where the reception was being held. Leave it to me to start scouting out spots of interest. I interviewed the daughter of a former mayor in that town, and she thinks this very spot is quite old with stories to tell.

Camera always in hand (.... in purse....middle compartment)!

First Time Sippin' Creme Soda - Not a Big Hit

So, I poured out the leftover soda, put my dish soap in the darlingly decorated bottle, stuck a thingy in the top that turns a bottle into a dispenser, and set it right at the edge of my kitchen sink.

Every now and then when I take the time to actually WASH dishes, I pick it up and think of how my precious baby drank from this bottle when trying her very first Creme Soda.

My house will be a museum of Emily's "things" before her childhood is over.
I'm sure of it!

Oh the Places You'll Go....(Dr. Suess)

I've come to realize I'm not a theme-park kinda mom. At all. Many of my friends are, and they're happy as larks.

Broke, but happy.


I, on the other hand, seem to gravitate toward finding spots where Emily can be out in nature, meet down-to-earth folks, pick fruit, run wild, do things she's never done before, appreciate the beauty of our land, and make wonderful memories.

NOT that going to theme parks means folks don't have the same agenda. I'm sure they do. For some reason, I'm just not interested in these vacation spots right now. Maybe later.

Instead, we go on Nanny Carol dubbed them.

We went blueberry pickin' back a while ago. One time Myah came with us. Another time Nanny Carol graced us with her presence. It was gorgeous to be out in the middle of nowhere (and I mean that literally)...meeting Uncle Pink, driving a golf cart, riding ever so cautiously and slowly on a 4-wheeler for a very short distance, picking blueberries that were transplanted to this farm back 40 years+ ago. We watched a mom shell peas, dangled our feet in the swimming pool, hung out at a real log cabin, and had the time of our lives.

Summah's been a blast. I'm so very thankful!

Blueberry Pickin' with Myah

Marvelous Mosaics - Em Completed the Design

AND we're still getting the bang from our buck with her Easter Dress. We love Target for kiddie clothes.

Sparklers. Need I Say More?

Meeting a Native American Story Teller

...and listening to her stories, observing her magic tricks, and getting to be a part of a terrific experience.

Baking Cookie from a Mix Given to Us

Thanks, Ayi Cookie, for the delicious cookie mix. Em had a 1st hand lesson in reading the recipe, following directions, measuring, baking, and of course...enjoying!

Visit to the Art Museum with Friend, Singyi

....and loving the little visit to the museum restaurant!

Skip Carrying Em

Uncle Skipper Reading to Miss Em

We had the fun pleasure of visiting Skipper at his house on one of our weekend excursions.

Hot Air Balloon and Em in Front

There were lots of other hot air balloons at this festival, too; however, this one was so unusual.

Chase-the-Rescue-Dog (He's such a silly goose!) and Miss Em Snuggling in the Bed

Summer Camp for Em - Writing Chinese Characters with Miss Yi (from China)

Ballet Camp - Em on Floor to Left of Teacher Extraordinaire

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