Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Have Water Hose, Will Play!

That's Not My House...

...but I'd probably live in it in a heartbeat.

Gosh. I love old stuff.

Took time to go exploring AGAIN over the long weekend. Traveled back roads and headed to historic sites and places --2 lane state highways that are just plain out of the way.

Miss Em and Michael stopped teasing, playing, prodding, tattling, & making tons of noise long enough to pose in the doorway of this little shack.

Sister Has Grown Herself Some Tomatoes!

Two Pals Playin', Puddin the Cat, and the Pot to Sit ON

The bathing suit hanging up on the most adorable of pink children's hangers...in the background...has a photo above it. The framed pic (not visible here) is of Em in China wearing that sweet little swimsuit. I took it to her when I flew over to meet her. In it she looks tiny and
has the most adorable grin on her face.

Honestly, my house is turning into a shrine of all the wonderful treasures of her/our past.

Then again, isn't that what a home is made of? Remembering past and present times of love...memories from days gone by -- but more importantly making memories today?

Love the roll of toilet paper sitting on the counter - and once again...the cat's behind.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Emily's Kissin' Kousin Keri Placed 2nd in NCAA Championship Tournament

Women's Doubles Tennis -- the dark haired darling on the left

'Bout all we can say is,

"We are



of you!!!!!!"

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Photo of Atchafalya Swamp - Cypress Trees and All

Where were YOU When Conway Twitty Died?

I know where I was.
I was crossing the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway in SW Louisiana (above photo) with a bunch of girlfriends who were all actin' circus crazy.
And I'm not even a country music fan.

This is joke - somewhat.
You know how folks will ask, "Do you remember where you were when: Kennedy was assassinated, Reagan was shot, the Challenger exploded, Lady Di was killed, Elvis died..."
All those grim sort of events in life.

Well, about 18 years ago a bunch of us school teachers - Linda, Janice, etc. - were headed on our own personal field trip of sorts down to Cajun Country - to hear the Zydeco music, partake of the culturally delicious food, and explore the depths of such a rich area of the southern U.S. There we were driving, laughing, plotting when we heard on the radio the news that Conway Twitty had passed away.

I'm really not trying to be disrespectful, but the blabber mouth in the bunch (me) blurted out, "Now we'll always remember where we were when Conway Twitty died -- crossing the Atchafalaya Swamp Freeway."

It was goofiness gone to seed.
Can you believe a s-w-a-m-p would "evah" have an 18 mile long freeway associated with it? I believe it's one of the last vast wilderness areas around these here parts...and maybe in the whole U.S. of A.

All that to say: Last night I saw Linda (field trip attendee) at Weight Watchers. Hadn't seen her in quite a while, but we always pick up where we left off. Emily, Linda, and I all sat by each other and whispered waaaaay too much. She said, "I've only lost 7lbs. in 11 weeks. Think I could be the Poster Child for Weight Watchers?"
I replied, "Sounds like progress to me!"

We talked about what we'd been up to. I told her Emily and I had just bought a new pair of scissors at Target and we were headed home to cut hair off the dogs.
We live an exciting life.
Linda's reply, "It never took much to entertain you!"

We laughed, but before the evening was over she spewed: "I've gotta question for ya? You know where you were when Conway Twitty died?"

"Hello Darlin'..."

Buddies Working 3-D Puzzles in My Classroom

Em and "M" are in the same enrichment class -- with ME as one of their teachers. They're developing those critical thinking skills and working 3-D puzzles. I'm convinced time spent doing so helps to make key connections in the brain -- just how I feel about most hands on/minds on learning experiences.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Em, Jenna, and Miah working on crafts at our end of the year Cultural School celebration

Thanks Martha and Mrs. Carol for joining us at Cultural School!

Zee Stuffed Calico Cat - Handmade Mother's Day Gift

People who sew are, in my opinion, kissin' cousins to brain surgeons. Last November I sewed an orange button on my black dress pants. That gesture puts me in the category with folks who use Sears and Roebuck catalog pages for toilet paper.

Home Ec Queen I am not.

Well, my delightful daughter sewed this crafty cat for my Mother's Day gift - embroidered face and all.

This was done in her enrichment class under the supervision of one of her teachers -- KK. I saw it coming together all along because I'm the OTHER teacher in Em's enrichment class. (I obviously am not the brains behind this set of lesson plans!)

Emily was not so thrilled that the fabric feline wouldn't be a surprise to me; however, I managed to smooth it all out and make the biggest of deals about my highly esteemed handmade gift. What a treasure!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 Different Roles on 3 Different Days: The Outfits Say it All!

Ballet Costume - Dancing Ever So Gracefully

Emily and her ballet classmates danced to the song Here I am To Worship by Chris Tomlin.

Light of the world

You stepped down into darkness.

Opened my eyes, let me see.

Beauty that made this heart adore You.

Hope of a life spent with You.

Here I am to worship.

Here I am to bow down.

Here I am to say that You're my God.

You're all together lovely, all together worthy,

all together wonderful to me.

Church Choir Tee-Shirt - Performing a Musical

Thanks, Marlene, for coming!

School Uniform - Getting an End-of-the-Year Award

We're so proud of our student-girl. She rec'd an award for not getting any U's (unsatisfactory) on her report card. Actually, she's not had any misbehavior codes for any day. Same for last year and the year before that (well...she was only in school 1/2 of the year then).
My brothers say she'd make a great "class monitor" because she always tells their mischievous deeds!

"This Bird's for You", Nanny Carol

Your darling granddaughter had me stop the car, retrieve the camera, and allow her to snap this pic of your fave feathered friend - the Cardinal.

We were leaving my Weight Watchers meeting (NOT that I really need to go...yeah right!). I've joined WW so many times I feel like I've helped fund the construction of their corporate headquarters.

Needless to say, I've had some 'follow-thru' issues in my life. Gracious. It's taken me 3 years to finish one bottle of multi-vitamins because I've failed to take them every day.

It'd be easy to say I'm returning to WW b/c of my influence on Emily's life. We're always talking about 'healthy foods, lifestyles, exercise....and glorifying God in our bodies". Thus....the main reasons why Em is taking ballet. Submitting to the discipline of classical dance in order to become what the Lord wants her to be.

Actually...I don't know that doing it for "her" is a good enough reason.
Shock. I know.

The reason to do it is so I will be obedient to MY call in life.

When I re-joined last night, I told the WW leader I will NEVER join WW again.
I will continue to go each week until I reach my goal, achieve maintenance, and become a Lifetime Member.

No fanfare.
No blabbering off of the mouth about "what I'm going to do".

Planning + Preparation = Power
You cannot amputate your history from your destiny...
My past is something Jesus takes hold of and makes into a destiny.
That's called redemption.
~ Beth Moore

Monday, May 9, 2011

Aaaarrrrgggghhhhh! I'm Uh Pirate.

Well, Emily was actually successful in getting this pirate do-rag atop King Puddin'. Whatta ya know.

The spiral bound notebook is the treasured one I took to China with me to record daily events as I was adopting. I wrote Em a letter the night before I met her, and she even drew funny pics in it while in China. I overlook my tear drop marks where it messed up the ink...as in I was sometimes near my wit's end. Not really.

I use this simple notebook to jot down all the funny little quips Miss Em creatively conjures up on her own AND little phrases she puts together -- mingling of Chinese and English: Chinglish.

This morning, in the car, she was doing her "sounds"/a.k.a. phonics pages. We do this each day on the way to school. It's not her actual school work. It's MY contribution to the learning of our tricky language. Anyhoo, she's working on the "W-H" sounds: whine, whiff, wham. This presents a great opportunity to teach vocabulary, too, because I usually have to explain to her what these words mean. (There are tons of pictures: Explode the Code books. Get choo some!!!)

Emily came across the word "whack". I explained what it meant, and her comment was, "Oh. People kill bad bugs with the whacker." That translates into, "Oh. We don't kill too many bugs at our house, but when we DO kill mosquitoes...we could use a fly swatter."

Whacker = Flyswatter

I could never possibly remember all these things, and I'm so glad folks suggested that I write down these treasured sayings.

Now. Somebody tell me the easiest way to teach her how to use one of this week's vocabulary word ("whether") in a somewhat simple sentence. Somebody slap me.

Internet Google...here I come.

All Dressed Up at a Famous Southern MAN-CHUN...

for a wedding.

It was a lovely evening. Isn't the circa 1840's ornate metal gate just delightful behind Miss Em? Have I written about attending this wedding? It was a college buddy's son who married a gorgeous blond headed, boot wearing, Ralph Lauren-ish model-type, sweetheart. When we got the wedding invitation in the mail (for the out-of-town nuptials)....I looked at Emily and squealed, "Field Trip!!!"

Pam, the mother of the groom, has been a dear friend through the many years. Hasn't changed a bit. In one of her Christmas cards -- which she sends out religiously every year -- she and her darling family were out on their property near a lake. They're all decked out in crisp, white cotton tops, jeans, and boots. She's sportin' a diamond ring so dad gum big I told her later, "Honey...you better keep away from deep water. If you fall in with THAT ring on, yer goin' straight to the bottom!"

Pam is down to earth, kind, and so thoughtful to keep up with Miss Em and me.
We had a blast at your new daughter-in-law's dad's expense!!!! Thanks tons!

Exploring Southern Beauty - Em and Uncle Michael

I Have NO Idea How this Picture Came Into Being

My Little Princess is obviously on her throne.

Yep. That's a drumstick in her hand.

I DID take the photo...but the story behind it (another play on words) leaves me clueless. I'll ask Emily. She remembers everything!
I love looking in my refrigerator and finding the dog suppositories alongside the sweet-n-sour sauce.


Both are chilled and effective.

That'll do!