Friday, April 29, 2011

Growing Dinosaurs from Compacted Sponges

I love to click on people's pictures and really study -- up close -- the all the things folks have in their backgrounds. Note: See that mustard tone electric can opener on the counter? I've had it since about 19 eighty something. Let's just say it was likely the Ronald Regan era (and one of my 1st electric appliances).

I love being different.

Is she holding that dino with chopsticks?

Nope. It's a fork. I enlarged the picture a gazillion times to see for myself. There's also antique metal drinking cups on the window sill, an electric popcorn popper we used when I was a kid, crud on the floor near the molding, a WeightWatcher frozen meal, a pink coffee cup with adorable baby-ish type pic of Em on it, and a tiny tea set that was given to us by a friend - from Meizhou - we met in China.

Nothing matters but the cutie pie in the adorable dress.

Em in Classroom at School

She comes to my class 2x each week for enrichment. How fortunate am I? We have a blast learning fun things...and KK's in here teaching with me.

This was a day when the kids had apple butter and were tasting various types of apples -- while learning about Johnny - You Guessed It - Appleseed.

And you thought I was gonna say Carson.

Two Pups and Princess - All Tuckered Out

If It's Different, If It's Unusual...

We usually buy it and try to learn what it is.
This is a bunch of some tiny, little grapes LOADED in a bunch.

Em and Caterpillar

This little creature was brought to school and is now turning into a butterfly right before Miss Em's eyes.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Emily and Miah

Bubble Gum is Back....and So Were Those Flashing Blue Lights in My Rear View Mirror.

Miss Em is the happiest of Double-Bubble-sugar-free-chewin' children these days. She's been on a 2 week reprieve from wearing her 'fill in the blank' thousand dollar mouth retainer 24/7. I affectionately and behind-her-backly call it The Beast.

Well, above said Beast is only workin' the night shift these days. Em does not have to wear it to school or at all during the day. She merely has to sleep with it in her mouth at night. But hey. We wanna get our money's worth, right?

Em and I go back to the ped ortho soon to find out what next? Do we wear it more/often? Turn screws to the left/right? Front/back? Set it on the counter and scare the bajeebs out of the cat?

The preacher is good friends with the ped orthodontist and was joking how Dr. C moves at his own pace, somewhat slowly, and needs to step it up a notch and 'come on, come on'. I told the Rev, "I believe continents drift faster than Dr. C can move!"

All in jest. All in jest.

Back several years ago I walked a 9 mile race event. Well, so did good ole Dr. C. -- actually he jogged. Suffice it to say the doc reached the end, drove home, showered & shaved before I ever laid eyes on any finish line. I walked a 1/2 marathon and folks took the clock down and sat on the tailgate of a truck to wait on me. I haven't the nerve to poke TOO much fun on the slow-southern-syrupy-gentleman who is now in possession of a great deal of my money.

Blue lights on my bumper.
Em's voice rings out from the backseat in her not so Asian sounding voice:
"Are we in Tru-u-u-u Bu-u-u-u-l?

The whole posse was with me: Emily, Nanny Carol, and brother Michael. When I saw those lights, I turned the corner, pulled over to a side parking lot, and in no small terms made it clear to everyone in that car who owned a mouth, "Don't say a word...and I mean it!"

Down south when someone tells you something and says, "Don't tell a soul." That's one thing. When they say, "Don't tell a soul, and I mean it." That's another.

Up saunters Mr. Policeman informing me I have a headlight out. I did as all respectful grown daughters would do. I pointed at my mom next to me and said, "It's HER car."
No ticket. Headed straight to an auto parts store to replace light.

I told mom I think he was just trying to flirt with us.

Works for me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Em and Sister Doll. Thanks KK and Krew!

It Was a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Ayi Cookie's neighborhood, too. See the vintage table, dishes, and general loveliness she prepared for Emily's birthday celebration? Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie!

Spent Her Birthday "Day" Traveling Southern Roads With Friends and Family

Monday, April 4, 2011

Yep. That's Emily's Arm with An IV & Catheter In It

She's been having tests run to check "the state of affairs" - all things pertaining to her health, but nothing life threatening. She was like this for several hours. Intermittent blood draws (from cath). Introduction of medicines into her body. More blood draws from the cath. We've had this appointment scheduled since last year. When you go to see specialists, you gotta get on the wait train; however, last year was too soon to run these type tests. This year seemed to be the time. THANK goodness I was told about EMLA cream...a cream that I slathered on both arms at the elbow bend AND on the tops of both hands (in the event the veins at the elbows were not workable). This cream deadens the nerves for needle sticks/blood draws. Doesn't work (so I'm told) for shots b/c shots go down into the muscles. Anyhoo...another China adoptive mom, nurse, and cancer survivor...told me about this stuff. I could kiss her. It's been a blessing to know for these many months that when this IV stickin' time arrived, it was pretty much certain my darling Emily would feel nothing. It arrived. She felt nothing. Did she cry? Yep. When the rubber met the road...the emotions all surfaced. I will guarantee you this: She never saw a needle, a Barbie dvd was blaring close by for major distractions, Nanny Carol was there for moral support, I totally did NOT build this up as any big deal -- and blocked her view from seeing the whole ordeal go down. I kept a huge smile on my face and a light in my eyes as I verbally re-assured her the "procedure" would only take a second or two. Badda boom. Badda bing. IV/cath inserted. After everything was finished about 5 hours later, hello Chinese take-out. Comfort food. For her and for me.

Thank Heavens for Barbie Island Princess DVD...

and prayers and the scriptures that tell her not to fear and the scriptures that tell her He'll watch over her and a wonderful Grandmother coming along for distractions and EMLA deadening cream with tegaderm patch and nurses who've been instructed to not let her see any needles and for her mother's not so petite body laid across her/face to face to re-assure her this will go quickly and not hurt (it did NOT...mainly b/c of EMLA deadening cream & above listed reasons) and the handmade quilt from home for comfort