Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cotton Tails, Cotton Blossoms, Crosses, and...COPS!!!!

Or shall I say, "...cops with their flashing blue lights in my rear view mirror????"

I've never in my life had a speeding ticket. I won't be too "proud" because, like the scripture says, "Take heed lest ye fall!"
I'm not saying I haven't deserved one, but I'm a huge rule-follower. Potty trained at gunpoint!

As Cousin Amy so kindly agreed to take her bright and shiny new car on a road trip to help US help a rabbit in need, I loaded the car with books and games to keep Emily occupied & a change of clothing for my little missy in case she steps in mud or spills something on her clothes (Mom - You're prayers are answered. I finally have learned to do this!). I've got rabbit containers, towels, bags, purse. I'm a 'stuff' person. No question about it.

Amy gets in with a single car key, diet Mt. Dew, and her Visa.

Well. Alright.

Off we go with MapQuest in hand to the inner bowels of the deep south to find Eugene, a dwarf Netherland rabbit. He had a great home - living with real animal lovers, but they said they simply did not have the time and attention to devote to the little fella. I appreciate their honesty and willingness to find someone who might can play with him, hold him, and keep his cottontail waggin' happily. I KNOW it wasn't easy for them to give away their little buddy, but I assured them that with my classroom full of kiddos, he'd be well loved.

We only got lost on our little trip....I think...about 4 times. Maybe 3, but on one of the stints of "We're not supposed on be on this highway" I look up during my session of sharing the driving to see blue lights flashing me down.

As mentioned above, never had a ticket.
Out comes Mr. Policeman (not a State Trooper) and says, "Ma'am. The speed limit back there (in "Hooterville" - which was about 2 blocks long) is 25 mph. You were goin' 25 mph but sped up to 40 mph when you passed me."

I thought to myself, "Hmmmm. Would that be because I was trying to IMPRESS you?"
What I wanted to say was, "Yup...and I had recently had the cruise control on 60 and was headed back up to THAT!!!!"
I say that tongue-n-cheek. I have the utmost respect for the law...partially why I've never had a ticket. We even adopted little Eugene from a state trooper (Allen) and his girlfriend. You know from here on we'll be praying for Allen's safety as he monitors the roads and keeps folks safe.

It was one of those little backroad highways where the speed limit goes from 60 to 55 to 50 back to 60 down to (obviously) 25, yadda, yadda.
What can I say? Guilty is guilty.
Give me an interstate ANYday (but they're not as interesting with sights to see).

Emily is sitting in the back seat announcing, "I should've stayed home with Nanny Carol. Oooooh. I should've stayed home."

I stayed calm and reassured her it'd all be fine - regardless.

I just gasped and emphasized repeatedly 500 times, "But officer....I've NEVER had a ticket in my life. You can run the background check. You'll see. Honest."
Going thru an international adoption, I was checked out thru local police, Secretary of State, DHS, social workers, Homeland Security - Dept. of Immigration, national fingerprinting networks, U.S. Consulate...all the way to Condoleeza Rice's office in D.C. (back in 2005-2006).
I knew I'd get an A+ on background check but possibly a C- for paying attention to speed limit changes.

He did.
He was nice/cordial.
He was bald with a big ole honkin' tatoo near his neckline.
He smiled.
I did not get a ticket.

Off we go to find Eugene, find photo ops for Amy (resident photographer in training), and get back home before too terribly late that night.
The drive was 5 hours one way. Ah. What we do for love.

So...Amy took some precious pics of Miss Em holding her new critter. Isn't he a doll baby?
We stopped for cotton fields and crosses. All part of a great day of laughter and fun!

Oh yeah...and Cousin Amy. She's not my cousin. She's Julie's cousin, but we just all call her that. She's been tapped ast he official photographer of our China Adoption Group. Why not? She's free and very willing to travel. LOL!

How Precious is This Baby?

The Little Nurture-er

I Wish I Wuz in the Land of Cotton

Road trips.
Learning -
1. cotton fields
2. rows
3. harvesting
4. seeds
5. cotton blossom
6. slavery connections
7. hard, sharply pointed cotton bolls (and how
they bloodied the hands of those who picked it en masse)
8. clothing made from cotton, Q-tips

Ah...What beauty at the end of the day!

All pics courtesy of Cousin Amy (..and yes. She hates the power lines in the way of the gorgeous sunset.)