Saturday, July 10, 2010

We're Out Discovering the World and Having a Blast.

Here's a quick check in to! Recently Emily and I attended our adoption agency's reunion picnic. We came the way of Lewis and Clark to meet up with Miss Dona on the Train, her mom & ladder climber extraordinaire - Elsie, & Nanny Carol. We've had a famous time.

We boarded up the dogs, cat sitted King Puddin, rented a car, and meandered about the country to meet up with a family we met and fell in love with in China -- Samm's family. Sweet, precious little Samm.

Emily and Samm were adopted at the exact same time. His mommy and daddy, Sherrie and Dick, were part of our travel group. We experienced the newness, the rawness, the uncertainties, the joys of international adoption together -- all alone in a country of a gazillion people -- leaning on each other. What memories. What bonding.

Today Emily and Samm were re-united. What a blessing to witness (and of course video tape/photograph). Dona and Elsie joined us/my mom as it all "went down". Pics will be coming soon. That means hopefully by Labor Day. Kidding.

It was absolutely DEElightful to meet bloggy friends who've used my same adoption agency -- folks I've emailed, followed their blogs, read/responded to through yahoo group emails......and there they were. In the flesh.

Emily was running about the facility with her name tag on, in another state, with 1,000 folks registered, and a dear adoptive mom sorta gasped (in surprise) and said, "Emily. Where's your mommy?"

NEVER met this person, but we've connected via the cell phone, emails...and the commonality of both adopting older girls. She recognized Emily right off the bat b/c of the pics on the blog. She came and stood before me with her name tag and simply cute self. I quickly connected the mental dots and gave her a big hug. Amazing. Surreal.

Will post more about current happenings and recent memories that were made. Gotta bathe a tired little long haired sweetie pie. Then again, Dona is drawing Em's bath water, doing lots of work...but I best go assume responsibility for my own child. Dona's painted with her & spoken of Claude Monet, read her books, taken her sightseeing, held a sing-a-long from the Sound of Music cd, fed her fabulous meals, shown her a cardinal's nest...and loved her dearly.

I am blessed with wonderful friends, family members, and acquaintances.