Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Myah, Emily's "China Sister", is at a Hospital Today

Or at least she's scheduled to be.

We are praying.

We are checking.

We are waiting.

I was gathering photographs this morning - when I should've been brushing my teeth and/or getting ready for that little thing in life called a jay oh bee. Yup. Gathering pics to send to China so workers/caregivers at the orphanage there can see how much little Miss Mei Xia Ying has changed, grown, and adjusted.

Emily - Curious George that she is - was right in there with me picking/choosing. I had to have double prints on hand of any that I chose. I probably have about 6 gazillion photos of Emily. It wasn't until I actually took a WEEKEND to organize them (OMG!) that I realized in this day of digital-ness...I'd actually ordered multiple copies of multiple pics over the last year and a half.

You know the drill. Go to Walgreens. Put in memory card. See pics. Hmmm....do I HAVE this printed out yet? Better safe than sorry. Let me order 2 4x6's just in case. Printed pics arrive. They get stuck in a box waiting to be scrapbooked (which at this rate will be the year 2520). Erase many images from memory card. Not all...b/c NOW, once again, I'm not sure what I've already printed out and what I've not.

Oh Brother.

"Gosh. That pic looks familiar. Is it b/c I saw it on the camera, in the scrappin' box, or what?"
Again. Better safe than sorry.
I'll take two 4x6's.

Some of my good buddies who are "for REAL" Cajuns have a great motto:
"If one's good. Two's better."

Here. Here. I couldn't agree more.

Not that Emily eats lots of junk food, but on church nights.....dinner has to be fast. SO I was telling her in the car on the way home from church that she could have a little pizza and some cabbage (already sauteed), milk, and 1/2 of a banana.

She said, "Rack-a-moni cheese pizza??????"

Mom and I just cackled. She asked us why we were laughing. She's knows she's cute when she has lingo slip ups, but man-o-man. She's having fewer and fewer of them these days.

I do believe she can now say "apostrophe". (learning contractions at school)
Not sure about "parallelogram" yet.

We we sitting at the table the other night, & I was reading a fiction book -- well Magic Treehouse series -- about the Arctic region (YES. I DID leave out the "c" from Arctic and then realized -- whoops.). This has been a fun way to slide in geographical concepts with non-fiction and then pull out the ole Atlas to see visual....and put a puzzle together that is a puzzle of what we have been reading about/looking at.

I know. Preposition at the end of the sentence. Don't care.

Back to the book about the Arctic. Seal hunting came up in the book. Shiver.
She said, "I no eat animals." as she chomped on a chicken sandwich.
Gently I said, "Well. Sweetie (pause). A chicken sandwich is a long that line. I eat chicken, too, and we also eat the patties like at Nanny Carols (soy)."
Emily's response, "I NOT eat other critters."

You know. Up until a year and 5 months ago this little girl had no concept of the world past her living quarters and some type of little daycare/school where she would go for activities. I figure she went to the little facility/school to lighten the load of the workers at the orphanage. I don't think she learned much there, but then again. She'd only gone for a few months. Fair enough.

We've also been collecting U.S. state quarters and putting them on one of those collector's boards from Hobby Lobby. Again. Great way to introduce her to the thinking of states within America. That's why I've attempted to travel about with her, read, and hopefully allow the connections to start forming.

We started at Ground Zero.

Working on phonics activities one weekend, and she has to spout out the short vowel sounds for a, e, i, o, u. The consonant for that lesson was Y. Jeepers. When she got to yap, yip, blah, blah, blah, she stopped and asked, "What does 'yap' mean?" It sorta told her my interpretation of it.

Her comment: "You and Nanny Carol do that a lot."


Monday, February 15, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Incredible Turn of Events in These Girls' Lives

This past December when Emily had the opportunity to meet her China "Sister" at Disneyworld (as part of Myah's Make-a-Wish), it was a phenomenal experience.

Then, it only got better.

Haley (sweetie pie in the middle) had just arrived in the U.S. -- having been adopted by a darling mom and dad. They literally just gotten off the plane from China about a day or two earlier.

Rina and I had corresponded with these soon-to-be-new-parents, and they'd expressed a desire to possibly come and meet up with us in the D'world area. My first thought was, "Uh. You have NO idea how that ever enduring, never ending, 2.5 ft wide by 5.7 ft long living space of an airline seat, criss crossing time zone trip is going to knock you for a loop." And that wasn't even trying to explain to them h-o-w incredibly emotional the entire experience is/was/will be.

You literally come back jet lagged into the next realm of existence and find yourself asking, "Is THIS my life?"

It's a tough, tough trip when the end result is an international adoption. It's a good trip. It's a WONDERFUL trip, but it becomes more appreciated as time goes on. Interpret: When jet lag ends, attachments begin forming, and the new normal of life sets up shop...adoptive parent(s) begin itchin' to go back. At least that's how it is with me.

Well, Rina and I braced for Reunion Round #2 as Haley arrived to meet her China Sisters -- Emily and Myah as they were gathered together for a brief 4 day visit. See the photo down below? I've had that picture in my possession since about June of 2008. (That's another copy of the pic from Haley's mom's purse.)

Do you think I realized it would ever be possible for all three of these girls to be adopted by American families? You see...Chinese children are adopted to folks from other countries. A whole bunch of folks from Spain or somewhere were at the Civil Affairs office in Guangzhou the day I adopted Emily. Strange thinking of these girls growing up to speak Spanish. I'm sure those folks thought the same thing about my daughter who'd quickly learn English -- or whatever slaughtered, southern version of it I actually do speak. (I have friends who say the word "ice" in three syllables. Oh brother!)

So...there they are below in a staged photo op for Rina's disposable camera she sent to the orphanage. The disposable camera I sent never showed up at the orphanage...but my photo album and gift packed in the same box did (?). Whatever. I had ZIPPO pics of Emily of my very own. Phooey. I even had Chinese translated writing stuck to the outside of the camera stating who it was for, who it was from, yadda, yadda.

I was at the mercy of all other Meizhou SWI adoptive parents who might have my daughter's pic on their disposable cameras sent to China.

Then, THERE. Amidst the sterile floors of the Chinese orphanage, no individual toys, metal bars lining the walls (to assist some children with their walking), no mommies or daddies...but a smiling nanny...there are the 3 girls.

Now, HERE they are.

With us. Their families.

What an Incredible Turn of Events. Miraculous.

Same Three Giving Kisses in Front of Bubba Gump's Eatery (Florida)

The Three Girls in Meizhou Social Welfare Institute