Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Does a 3-Day Staining & Scoring of Floors Job (professionally done) and the Creation of the World Have in Common?

The "Your floors will be professionally stained & scored to perfection...just as you like" job took 2 days longer than it took Almighty God to create the world.

And yes. I rested on the Sabbath, too.

Mercy. I'll skip over the entire drama of having to have the WHOLE house flooring RE-STAINED and cap it off with this statement, "It's ONLY a floor."

On one of the days I was exiled from my home while strangers worked on my floors, I took my car in to have the oil changed. As I sat in the waiting room I struck up a conversation with a mom who had brought her child from out of town so he could continue with dialysis. He's 18 y/o, an only child, and his family and medical team have NO idea what has caused his kidneys to shut down.

Who's got the NERVE to whine about floors not being done correctly the first time & taking 3 times longer than expected after hearing her story? Rina, yes. Some others...maybe. Me? NO way.

I did have to officially move out of my house to have the work done. EVERY stick of furniture and anything on the floor had to be moved. Dust and all. It was hauled off to my carport -- now new garage. I had an electric garage door installed before the floors were done so I'd have a place to store my junk. I mean, my treasures.

Speaking of having my oil changed...( can stop reading at this point or you'll be clutchin' the pearls for sure!), I went to the gynecologist last week. As I dis-robed the nurse came in and said the doctor had to go out for a delivery.
My GENIUS reply was, "Of a baby??"
Nurse: "Yep. She's gotta go 'catch a baby'." Only in the south would someone use such technical jargon. Not.
As the cool a/c blew through the opening at the front of the 'not-my-size' hospital gown, I chuckled and said, "Uh. No. She's delivering pizza on the 2 floors below."
I'm smart that way.

As a matter of fact, I was nekkid all week with lots of doctors appointments. I saved each of them up for one week in June so I could get them over with in one fell swoop and not miss teaching school.
My mother does not like me to write that kinda crude stuff: nekkid, gynecologist, things like that. Sometimes I respect her wishes, but other times I do it anyway. She'll forgive me.

Emily had several appts. herself: hearing tests, big time ear doc/surgeon, and good old dentist. She's been a busy girl helping clean up Nanny Carol's yard - and getting 2 ticks off of herself, having Michael here for a good long visit, cooking hot dogs on a $6.00 grill, looking for lightning bugs, visiting an aviation museum, seeing her first lighthouse, swinging in a tire swing, & watching 3 versions of Little Women on VCR tapes (I ordered them...but really thought there were only 2 versions. Nope. Three.).

The Divine Miss Em has had a ballet recital, sang in a church musical, stepped in an ant bed while gazing at the Big Dipper, gone to various libraries to check out books and dvds (Betty Boop in black & white - my kinda girl, Caillou - she loves this little character from PBS cartoons), and is attending Vacation Bible School this week. She's asleep on a bed behind me now as I type. Bless her heart. My little wrangler was playing after VBS, fell, and skinned those knees. She's had blue jeans on each night at VBS, but tonight when she fell she had on walking shorts. Darn the luck.

Miah is attending the VBS, too. She was adopted from China at an older age - like Emily. Miah's mom, Betsy, is leading the musical for VBS. The kids love it...choreography, western theme, pretend fiddlin'. Betsy's all prim and proper....very sweet...EVERYbody loves Betsy. I poke fun of her to her face because of the way she and her posse of teenaged girls/young moms get up on the stage to lead the singing and choreography to songs about the Lord.
I jokingly call her a "Fly Girl for Jesus".

Enough of all this. I posted a few pics b/c we all know it's about the pictures. If this computer weren't slow as molasses, I'd a posted 10.
Ain't gonna happen. Not tonight.
Little Miss Annie Oakley with the bloodied knees and ponytail has to be awakened and placed into bed.
Life is good.