Monday, June 15, 2009

It's All Over But the Cryin'...and Blackberries Buried in the Carpet of Your Car Do NOT Improve Over Time.

Want a boring conversation? Sit down with me. Blah, blah, blah. Same ole, same ole....the "T" word, or the "th" word -- depends on how you choose to break it all down: emphatically or phonetically.


I'm 10 centimeters and crowning. I feel REALLY fat, and I'm past the point of annoying to others. Ahhh. But it's almost over. Then again, that's what I said LAST week. And the week before that.

It's that southern way of expressing oneself. We tend to lead up to the end result. Sorta like, "Don't tell anybody." and "Don't tell anybody. I MEAN it!" We tend to hint around at things. You know, dance in circles about what we're hoping to say.

This time I'm headed to home plate for real. I must turn in the final draft. Deadlines are here. I got held up by a simple glitch -- but overall a major error in my statistical analysis. Failed to refer a set of numbers to an important table of numbers to draw an accurate conclusion.

Shucks. It's nuthin' a little RE-DOING can't take care of.

Dear Emily. She's asleep behind me as I type this post. She's been a trooper thru all of the thesis process. Her room looks like a small band of wild pigs got tangled up and turned around while headed to migrate somewhere for cooler weather. The loveliness is too much to behold and all within the confines of what was a darling little bedroom. My fault. Not hers. She's great to keep her room neat (for the most part), but we've just gotten way behind the 8-ball on cleaning and organizing...and her room in particular.

My theory on housework is, if the items don't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you? (Classic Erma B.)

The Divine Miss Em is progressing nicely through the English language, at the beginning stages of reading, and grasping mathematical/geometrical concepts. I told mom and...oh yeah...J.B....that it's almost a little sad to see her leaving the person she has been to become the little girl she is developing into. (Yep. Preposition at the end. Pffftt.)

She's only been on U.S. terra firma for 9 months, and what an amazing 9 months of change it's been. The security guard at school asked me if she spoke English yet. I said, "Lordy mercy, girl. She'll chatter up a storm." Of course, she will also be quiet and shy-like. I do realize that her chatter is filtered thru my brain to understand EVERY word she says. She's not soooo easily understood by everyone, but still. She's moving along -- and there's a part of that which can be bittersweet.

However, I think it's that way with ALL moms. Children progress...move forward, yet there's a part of us that wants to keep the child & the experiences we've known. (Nevermind that it feels like we've had a bowling alley installed in our brains!)

I reckon I'll miss the little Emily I've known thus far with Chinese words interjected here and there. "Guh." That's her term for "Look" when she sees something noteworthy (as in a plane in the sky or her school uniform under the pile of clothes layered across her bed and floor). She also says something to the effect of "Munsey Munyea". I have NO idea the Chinese pinyin for that. When I comment, "We're goin' to a b'day party on Saturday", she'll use that term to mean, "Whose party? Where?" She still says the Chinese terms for going to the bathroom: #1 & #2. As she stated one time while homesteading on the potty, "Mommy, you can't hurry o-put-put." She's right. Nothing was lost in translation.

But why keep what "is" when the best is yet to come for her? I'm happy she's spreading her wings and soaring about -- learning, connecting, and asking 50,000 questions a day. Gotta love it. And yes, we stopped to pick wild blackberries on the side of the road (thus part 2 of the title of this post) and feel/smell mimosa blooms. She's recently played w/a train set, gone to an art museum, played in the intracoastal waters of Florida, visited her 2 uncles, went to a butterfly exhibit, gone to an inner city church gathering, and participated with Nanny Carol in a service project for a women's home -- where she painted (yeah...right) and planted flowers.

Life is good.

Hopefully I'll be finished with my thesis before she's old enough to proofread it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pray for Raegan - Please.

I do not know this family personally, but her mom and I have corresponded in the past. Mom's a hoot!!

Go over to their blog and check out Miss Raegan who is at Cinncinnati Children's Hospital to fix special needs she had when born in China.

I'm sure it helps soooo much to know folks are "pulling for ya". She is loved. We all just want her to know this!!