Thursday, July 30, 2009

Emily Had Surgery Today -- AGAIN!

Emily went thru her nearly 3 hr. procedure (yikes!) just fine. The doctor made an incision behind the left ear, cleaned out the mastoid area, removed some little bones and replaced them with titanium, and removed cells that were forming a benign cyst. Her eardrum was being sucked into the eustachian tube cavity -- thus affecting her hearing.

SO....she's home and doing great.

She does not respond to Demoral well AT ALL.The anesthesiologist said she gave her enough, plenty enough to calm her down. Oh noooooo. Didn't happen. BUT...when they switched to another drug, verset, she did great. Same thing happened after her ptosis sugery. I bet they used Demoral then, too. I'm gonna check and have it placed on the "we don't use this drug" list. LOL!

Just posting to let folks know that all is well and our prayers were answered. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Two Peas in a Pod

This is Miss Em and my older brother, Skipper. Notice I did not say "more mature brother". Oh. My. Gosh. With children he's developmentally a goober with a high intellect, strong sense of discipline, and a NUT case. With grown-ups or grown-up wannabees (a.k.a. whiners & gripers) he's a drill sargeant.

As he's spent time with Emily he's been teaching her to say:
"Holla at cha gurrrrrlllll."
"Go, go, git it, git it. Go Tigers."
"Aw. Thank ya Jesus. Thank ya Aunt Topsy ain't runnin' over all the other older people (with her walker) in the retirement home. Thank ya that the woo woo's (a.ka. police) ain't gonna git her.
"You goin' to the hoe-tell (hotel)?"

I spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week teaching her to speak the king's English, and then he shows up from the Florida panhandle with his childish ways of speaking (kids LOVE him...and yes...he talks like this deliberately/on purpose for them) and gives 99.9% of his full attention ---- thus causing them to fall head over heels in love with him.

He's a Major in the Air Force - Physical Therapist. An expert. Case closed.

He stayed in the hotel room next to ours while on this trip. After a full day of Nanny Carol, Emily, and me -- he'd come to our room, get his "food to go" and say, "I'll see ya'll in the morning." He'd had his estrogen overload and was ready to leave. Rightfully so. He's on the driveway/cul-de-sac with Em right now helping her ride her bike and letting her show off her Tour-de-France skills with training wheels.

Does Emily fall at the throne of Uncle Skipper? You bet. He's been the best play toy to have along on our 7 day trip to south Texas (but would've been even nicer with younger brother, Michael!).

Except for that little sharp, serated knife licking action in front of my child...he gets an A+.

Emily and Cousin Kathy "Deep in the Heart of Texas"

Emily adores my cousin Kathy Sue. Here's the two of them together on our recent trip down to south Texas (as in we just got back last night at 10:15).

I finished my last class for Ed. Specialist on Monday, 7/21 and booked it out of town the next day. Went to visit Aunt Topsy and crew in Corpus Christi. Great memories were made to fill Emily's bank of treasures. Thanks, Kathy Sue, for making us feel so welcome -- and feeding us up like you always do. We love you.

"It's not the blood. It's the love."

Jak -- Kathy's Cat

Look at this precious baby. He's a beautiful white cat-child who got busted after sniffing some flower WAY TOO CLOSELY!! See the pollen ring around his face. Emily loved getting to see her cousin Jak again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thanks Dr. Jane & Julie for the Pics. Hope you Don't Mind the Use of Ya'lls Photos.

Copy from one, it's plagiarism; copy from two, it's research. - Wilson Mizner

I'm just researching photos....

The Girls Having Lunch Together at Our House.

Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy. ~Author Unknown

Company Was Comin' Over So I Upgraded My House. I Bought a New Rubber Mat for the Back Door.

Five Little Firecrackers Over at Our House for a Playdate

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Gone Camping...Thesis Approved.

Seriously. a TENT camping. Go figure. I've NEVER done that before. Amazing how children are great reasons to experience all of life.

"Donna-on-the-Train", as Emily referred to her when she came at New Years ridin' a silver bullet, is bringing her mom to a state campground in the southern vicinity. She's coming from somewhere around/above the Mason-Dixon line.

Interpret: She and her momma are gonna be hotter-n-blue-blazers. They just returned from Maine.

I'm laughin'...can't wait to welcome her to hot and humid mixed in with a little 8 year old girl from China. All within the confines of a 5 man tent shared by all during the lovely summer month of Joo-lie! Oh. And did I mention mosquitoes?

Speaking of mosquitoes: One chilly, fall evening -- years back --when Uncle Skipper was here sitting outside...we were in awe of the # of mosquitoes still out & alive during that part of the year. Skip said if they didn't GO AWAY soon we'd need to knit "little skeeter sweaters" to keep them warm.

Emily's had a grand time as of late: art camp 10:00-12:00 three days this week, zoo trip, super 4th of July with Uncle Skipper, fabulous views of hot air balloons in the sky, amazing improvement in English, visit to the theater for Horton Hears a Who, b'day party at the park, getting in a swimming pool for the first time, being squirted w/a water hose....and yes. I let her bring liquid soap outside on the patio, too. We skipped the bath that night (but the soap part was too traumatic for ME. I kept having to swoop little bugs up from off the patio so they wouldn't DIE in the soapsuds! I used a geranium leaf to save them. Oh brother. I'm pathetic.)

I'm sitting at the computer with a laughing hyena of a child in betwixt my legs on the floor whispering up at me, "Tell Nanny Carol...'Where's Emily?' "
Me: "Mom. Where's Emily?"
Nanny Carol's reply, "Probably underneath the keyboard of the computer where she was a while ago."

It's this ritual Emily has made up for extreme entertainment.

Now she's under another piece of furniture crying out, "Nanny Carol. Found me." (Chinglish for, "come find me".)

Nanny Carol found her and squirted her with some water on her arm.

We are SOME kind of exciting around here. Never ends.

Pictures to post soon.